This Tata Nexon Gets Modified Into A Little Cosy Bedroom - VIDEO

by Harish Kumar | 04/02/2021
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The idea of having a comfortable bedroom on the wheels really impressed us. How about you? Check out this nicely modified Tata Nexon that isn't much less comfy than your own bedroom.

Virtually all people have dreamt of an exciting outdoor adventure, travelling in their own vehicles once in their life. It’s not an unrealistic want. In fact, many vehicles are suitable enough to be transformed into a camper car or in other words, a superb “bedroom on the wheels”, driving you to every place you wish to go. This Tata Nexon is one such vehicle. The popularity of the Tata Nexon is no strange to us. It has been a hugely popular sub-four-metre SUV that scores big in terms of design, features, performance and safety. IndianAuto just found a Tata Nexon modified to be a cosy little bedroom on the wheels and it totally impressed us. How about you?


The question is, how practical is this modified Tata Nexon? Uploaded by Rahul Choudhary on his official Youtube channel, the video gives us the answer. You can hear the vlogger saying that they were planning for a trip on this Nexon which has experienced some modifications. Actually, the car owner has made some minor tweaks to the Nexon, especially at the rear section.


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tata nexon modified little bedroom

The Tata Nexon now gets a completely flat floor at the back as the owner has lifted the base of the rear seats which has been folded completely to generate a lot of space. The floor was then covered with the mattress as well, converting the rear part of the Nexon into a bed. The mattress looks a perfect fit to the inside of the Nexon. According to the video, there’s enough room for even two people to sleep inside comfortably. For a fantastic feeling and experience, the vlogger has fitted some fairy lights inside the cabin of the SUV that also gives it a better look during night time. All these lights are connected to a power bank which is charged up during the daytime when they are driving.

tata nexon modified bedroom boot image


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The storage space on the door handles can be put to good use to hold water bottles or mobile phones. At night, they can slightly open the windows for ventilation. What’s even greater is that the sunroof and the blind can be opened up for the better view of the night sky. Preparing for a long trip, the guy has carried a big container of water in the car. Overall, the set up seems all good inside the Tata Nexon. The SUV has been converted into a little cozy bedroom on wheels that is apt for those who like to travel on their own. Of course, tall people might not be able to stretch their leg fully when lying down, but it’s still a perfect budget-friendly bedroom for your travelling. However, do note that this setup requires much space so you’d better get along with the lightest luggage possible.

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