9 Best SUV Camper Conversion Ideas: How To Build Your Own SUV Camper

by IndianAuto Team | 30/07/2019
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Have you ever thought of converting your SUV into a camper? Check out this article for the most creative and useful ideas for building an SUV camper.

Camping lovers always try to find the most economical and enjoyable way for a trip. Some are very creative by converting their vans into campers. However, not so many people buy vans. Especially, Indian auto buyers are keen on SUVs rather than other types of cars because of their high capability to store a large number of goods. But the most interesting part of being an SUV owner is that you can convert them into campers to suit the needs of Indian families during trips. Here, IndianAuto would like to introduce some creative ideas and easy tips to help you fully turn your vehicle into an SUV camper.

SUV camper

Have you ever try to turn your SUV into a camper?

SUV Camper Conversion Idea No. 1: Space-saving table

Nothing is more convenient than a fold-out or slide-out table. Wherever you are going for car camping, a folding table is always one of the priorities. Not only does it give you a surface to place cooking devices like portable grills, foods, or drinks, but it also can be installed as a bed platform. On top of that, its folding capacity is what matters. This feature saves you a lot of space and provides you with quick preparations whenever you stop at a destination for camping.

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SUV Camper Conversion Idea No. 2: Save space by taking out the middle seats

If you want to turn your SUV into a camper, taking out the middle seats is a must. Because an SUV isn’t as spacious as a van, you need to remove the middle seats so that there will be more space for you to sleep or store your camping tools. However, be careful and read the car manually when you remove them and try to use special tools if necessary.

However, there are some SUVs having non-removable seats. If you cannot taking the seats, simply fold their top down and pull them to the front. This may increase a sufficient amount of storage space on your SUV, and, indeed, you cannot expect a comfortable bed platform.


Maruti Vitara Brezza Converted Into Camper Van

SUV Camper Conversion Idea No. 3: Install a comfortable bed platform 

As mentioned earlier, you need to make space in order to install a bed platform. At the time you finished removing the middle seats, you are free to choose the kind of mattress you want. You can either go to a local interior shop or go online shopping. There will be a variety of mattress designs, materials, and sizes for you. However, it would be better to choose a hybrid mattress. For example, purchasing a mattress that has drawers beneath will give you extra storage to put clothes and other necessities. This would be the best way to utilise all the available space on your SUV camper.


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SUV Camper Conversion Idea No. 4: Making the rear of your SUV an ideal tent

Some people are in the larger sizes of other people. If you are among those people, that would make it hard for you to fit your legs in limited sleeping space in the back of the SUVs. As a consequence, some may choose to open the trunk and stretching legs for the most comfortable sleeping position. And those tasty legs are delicious meals to mosquitoes. That’s not all, you won’t be alone with those little blood-sucking bugs; however, other harmful insects and animals will sneak around your legs while you’re sleeping.

Therefore, go online shopping again and find a reliable tent that fits the rear of your SUV. Or you can get creative by making your own fashionable tent with different old tent covers. What’s more, if you think a tent is too expensive and privacy is not a great issue for you, go for a mosquito net which is cheap, useful and practical.

Or you can be as creative as the men in this video.


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SUV Camper Conversion Idea No. 5: Get your food a mini fridge

It would be frustrating if you find out the food you carry with you for the camping trip is rotten. Preserve them properly will prevent this issue from happening. One of the best ways to do so is to get a well-functioning mini refrigerator. You can either place it under the bed, on the rear, or in the front. Moreover, both a portable mini fridge and portable one achieve a similar outcome, so you can choose either of them.

mini fridge at the rear of an SUV

A mini fridge will keep your food fresh.


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SUV Camper Conversion Idea No. 6: Use ceiling fans rather than aircons 

Although your SUV camper already has air-cons, this is not always good because the cooling system will draw a lot of power from your car. Moreover, surely, it will be wasted when turning on the air-con for a whole hot night. Therefore, a ceiling fan system or other kinds of fans are the best and most economical cooling method. You can search online for premade car fans or do it yourself. However, with the DIY method, make sure you know how to do some tweaks and basic mechanical operations.


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SUV Camper Conversion Idea No. 7: Attach a house battery to your SUV camper

In this modern world, power is the most important thing if you wish all your technical devices to work properly. Therefore, you should purchase a house battery so that when you shut your SUV, there will be enough power supply to charge your phone or keep the fan functioning. If you can purchase a house solar battery, go for it as it will constantly recharge under the sun and continuously produce sufficient electric currents for your devices.

Add a battery to your vehicle for charging electronics


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SUV Camper Conversion Idea No. 8: Charge your house battery by using a battery isolator relay

In case you didn’t know, a battery isolator relay helps charge your auxiliary battery as the house batter mentioned previously. In order words, when your SUV camper is driving, it will produce a certain amount of energy, and the battery isolator relay will transfer that energy into the battery power. However, you need a professional to install it for you; otherwise, it won’t function properly. And keep in mind that, if you are using a house solar battery, there is little chance you will need the battery isolator relay.


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SUV Camper Conversion Idea No. 9: Make your own solar shower

Among the innovative ideas in this list, SUV camper idea No. 9 is the most creative one. Apply this idea If you wish to bring water along so that you can take a shower when you are traveling on an open road where no one offers you a shower. All you need is to do is attaching a spigot to a water pipe on top of your SUV camper. As you drive on the road, the sun will heat up the water. And when you need to wash your face or take a quick shower, simply open the valve and the warm water will pour down on your body.

Solar shower on an SUV camper

What a creative idea to take a warm shower!

That concludes our list of nine best SUV camper conversion ideas to convert your vehicle into a camper. For more useful car tips and tricks, please click here or simply visit our website at IndianAuto.com.


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