Tata Nexon vs Ford EcoSport: Which Model is More Fuel Efficient?

by Vivaan Khatri | 05/04/2021
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Tata Nexon and Ford EcoSport are two sub-compact SUV to come with diesel engine options. Let's see which model can provide better fuel efficiency in real life.

There is no doubt that the sub-compact SUV segment is now the hottest space in the automotive market. Even though the current sub-compact SUV segment is quite crowded and highly competitive, there are still several car brands that are planning to introduce their new models into this segment, for example, Citroen and Jeep. Within this segment, it is easy to see the dominance of petrol-powered models. There are only a few to come with diesel engines. Among these few options, Ford EcoSport and Tata Nexon diesel stand out due to their impressive fuel mileages. What if we put if these two models into a test to find out which one offers better fuel efficiency?

Tata Nexon vs Ford EcoSport: Which Model is More Fuel Efficient?

Tata Nexon and Ford EcoSport are among the few models to still offer diesel engine options

Before checking the real-life performance, we will check the specifications of these two models on paper first. Tata Nexon’s diesel engine is a 1.5-litre four-cylinder unit that is capable of making 108 BHP and 260 Nm. This engine is paired to either a 6-speed MT or a 6-speed AMT gearbox. Ford EcoSport, on the other hand, is powered by a 1.5-litre four-cylinder diesel unit. This one can deliver a top power of 100 BHP and a peak torque of 215 Nm. The only gearbox option for this engine is a 5-speed manual gearbox. Based on these specifications, the Tata Nexon has an upper hand when it comes to performance.


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What’s about the fuel mileage? On paper, Tata Nexon’s diesel engine is claimed to provide a fuel mileage of 21.5 kmpl. The EcoSport diesel model’s ARAI-claimed fuel efficiency figure is rated at 21.7 kmpl. Even though the fuel efficiency rating of the Ford EcoSport diesel is slightly better than the Tata Nexon’s diesel model, it should be noted that the Tata Nexon is available with different driving modes that are Sport, City and Eco. Supposedly, the City and Eco mode of the Tata Nexon will optimize the use of fuel, hence increasing the fuel mileage. It is hard to tell which one will win if we put these models into the real-world driving situation.



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In a video uploaded on AutoWheels Indian, the host has put the diesel-manual models of the Tata Nexon and Ford EcoSport into a test to check which car can offer better fuel mileage in real life. First, the vlogger reset the average mileage reading on the instrument clusters in both the EcoSport and Tata Nexon to 0. After that, both cars were set out for a drive. Both the cars took the same route, in both highway and crowded lanes. Two cars run at the same speed. After running for about 27 km, the Ford EcoSport registered a fuel mileage of 17.7 kmpl. On the other hand, the Tata Nexon returns a mileage of 11.2 kmpl. However, in the video, the Tata Nexon was running in the Sport mode. In the Eco or City mode, the Nexon can offer slightly better mileage performance. However, the real-life testing has shown that the Ford EcoSport provides a fuel mileage figure that is closer to the ARAI figure than Tata Nexon does. That being said, the Nexon edges out with a more powerful than the EcoSport.

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