This Hyundai Verna Can Be Lowered Or Raised Thru A Smartphone App

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 21/04/2020
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Aftermarket Lambo doors are a forgotten party trick, lowering down or raising up your car via a mobile phone is the newest

Air Suspension is a type of suspension assembly that uses airbags instead of the conventional setup comprising of coil springs and struts/dampers. It is offered as a standard fitment in expensive luxury cars; however, it can be installed in any car as an aftermarket fitment. Since it offers the leverage of selecting varying ride height options, it is quite famous among Indian enthusiasts these days. We have already featured a lot of different cars like Ford Figo and Honda City with this tech, but this time, we have focussed on  a Hyundai Verna with variable ride height. It is the previous generation model, which was sold as the Fluidic Verna in the Indian market.


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This Modified Hyundai Verna Can Be Lowered Or Raised With Mobile Phone

The ride height of this modified Hyundai Verna can be adjusted via a mobile app.

It is the very-first Verna in the country to use air suspension. It should be noted that this setup was completely built in India by Air 1 Performance and is not an import from abroad. The system also offers mobile connectivity to let the user adjust the ride height by using his/her mobile phone. In the pictures, it can be seen that this Verna look like a proper track tool. It gets a Vortex body kit with splitter and canards all around.

Also, there is a spoiler mounted on the trunk. It gets Zedd performance wheels, powerful LED DRLs, a custom front grille, and wider side fenders, which makes it a looker. Unlike other extensively modified cars, it continues with the factory-spec white paint scheme. However, there is a black racing strip running across the length of the car on top.


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This Modified Hyundai Verna Can Be Lowered Or Raised With Mobile Phone

This modified Hyundai Verna has lost its fluidic design charm for an angry-rogue face.

The last-gen Verna was offered with 4 engine options – 1.4L petrol, 1.6L petrol, 1.4L diesel, and 1.6L diesel. The smaller 1.4L petrol and diesel mills boasted of rated outputs of 108 PS/135 Nm and 90 PS/220 Nm, respectively. On the other hand, bigger 1.6L petrol and diesel engines produced a peak output of 124 PS/160 Nm and 130 PS/260 Nm, respectively. Talking of the transmission options, the petrol engines were offered with a 5-speed MT, while the diesel engines came equipped with a 6-speed MT. The bigger 1.6L mills were also offered with an option of 4-speed torque converter AT. Though, which engine-gearbox combination powers the wheels of this beast is not known.


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