Toyota Fortuner Facelift - 5 Different Looks Visualized

by Kshitij Rawat | 25/04/2020
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Wondering what the upcoming Toyota Fortuner facelift could look like? Check out these five handsome examples that try to answer this question.

Toyota Fortuner is the best-selling SUV in its segment, and is one of the most capable off-roaders in the country. It also has good interior space, which is decent even in the third row. Based on the Toyota Hilux pickup truck, the Fortuner has extremely rugged body-on-frame underpinnings. The same chassis architecture is also shared with the Innova Crysta.

The current generation Toyota Fortuner was introduced in India in 2016, and has remained largely unchanged since then. To keep the SUV fresh, Toyota will be launching a facelift model soon, probably during early 2021. People, however, are impatient, and have created numerous versions of the upcoming SUV, each with their own unique twist. Here, we have gathered the best five examples of Toyota Fortuner facelift renderings that we found on the interwebs.

Artist- Shoeb R. Kalania, Source- IndianAutosBlog

Toyota Fortuner facelift rendering by SRK designs/IAB

The first entry on our list is the Toyota Fortuner facelift rendering by IAB’s SRK. The car pictured above uses the current Fortuner as the base car but adds in design details from another Toyota SUV, the Landcruiser Prado. The headlamps are big and angular, the front grille is gigantic, and the front bumper has massive vents on either end, with a wide air dam in the middle. The alloy wheel design is also new, with a 15-spoke design and featuring dual-tone colour scheme with a twist.

This rendering is perhaps the most fascinating among all the pictures we have here, and is also the most unique one. As this image was originally created before the spy pictures for the Fortuner facelift leaked, this one does not have a sleek and sharp headlamp design, which the rest do.


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Artist-Nikita Chukyo, Source:

Toyota Fortuner facelift rendering by Nikita Chukyo/

This particular Fortuner is inspired by the Toyota Kluger, also known as the Highlander. The Highlander, some readers might know, is another mid-size SUV, just like the Fortuner, but instead of being based on a ladder-frame chassis, is a monocoque-based crossover vehicle. Other than that, these two SUVs are extremely similar, dare I say competitors to one another.

The headlamps are sleek rectangular units, and the front grill is short with a single horizontal slat in the middle. The front bumper is raised quite high, and the fog lamp housings are quite gaping large. The overall design is quite simple yet extremely appealing, preserving the essence of the original while adding a dash of modern touch.

Artist- Klinton Ang, Source-

Toyota Fortuner facelift rendering by Klinton Ang/Autoindustriya

Here’s one more rendering that borrows design details from another Toyota crossover, the Harrier. For those not in the know, Toyota Harrier is a compact SUV sold in a few international markets. In equivalent terms, the Indian competitor to the Toyota Harrier would include the now-discontinued VW Tiguan, and even the Tata Harrier and MG Hector, albeit indirectly.

The highlight of this rendering is the sharp headlamp design, which incorporates LED strips inside as DRLs and LED lights. The front grille is vertically divided by a thick chrome slat, which also covers the sides of the grille. The fog lamps are housed in big, faux air-vents on either side of the front bumper.

Artist- Izza Abdillah Source- I.A.Design

Toyota Fortuner facelift rendering by Izza Abdillah/I.A.Design

The rendering above is an amalgamation of many different Toyota SUVs, with the underlying design of the leaked spy pictures of the upcoming Fortuner facelift. If you look closely, you can make out design cues from the Highlander, RAV4 and the Harrier.

The rendering shows a dagger-like design for the headlights, with LED DRL strips inside. The front grille is split vertically, and the front bumper has a skid plate that extends forward, almost like a lip spoiler. The fog lamps are mounted quite high, and the alloy wheels get a five-split-spoke design with a diamond-cut finish. The grille mesh has horizontal slat with rectangular cut-outs, just like the IAB rendering at the top of this list.


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Artist/Source- MZ Crazy Cars

Toyota Fortuner facelift rendering by MZ crazy cars

While all the other pictures here were renderings of the first-three quarter angle of the Fortuner facelift, his one is of the front angle only. Also, this one is probably the closest in design to the upcoming SUV, and evident by the spy pictures. According to the image above, the 2021 Toyota Fortuner will get a sleeker and sharper set of headlamps with underlining LED DRLs and an LED light. The front grille will be smaller than the one in the current model.

To compensate for the smaller grille, the air-dam below is now much larger in comparison, and get a faux-skip plate at the bottom. The front bumper also includes LED fog lamps, placed inside the fake air-vents at the sides. The ORVMs have integrated turn signals, and are blacked-out, just like the A-pillars.

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