Toyota Fortuner Type 1 Modified Into a Type 3 Model

by Vivaan Khatri | 13/03/2021
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This Toyota Fortuner is originally a first-gen model. After being modified, it now looks similar to the latest version. Let's see the full details of this modified Toyota Fortuner.

Earlier this year, Toyota has launched the latest generation version of the Fortuner in the Indian market with various styling and feature updates. Being the best selling model in the full-size SUV segment, the Fortuner is very popular among SUV enthusiasts. The SUV is also the subject of many interesting modifications. Recently, we have seen a Toyota Fortuner Type 1 converted into a Type 3 version, which might be the first of its type in India.

Type 1 Toyota Fortuner Modified to Type 3 Fortuner

A video uploaded by Autorounders on YouTube has shown us the process of converting this Fortuner Type 1 into a Type 3 model. In the beginning, the host gave us a tour around the original version of the model. This Toyota Fortuner was originally a first-generation model. In order to convert it into a Type 3 version of the second-generation model, the team has to disassemble parts of the fascia and replace them with aftermarket ones. The replaced parts include the bonnet, bumper, front grille, headlights, fog lamps, side fenders. After replacing the stock parts, the Toyota Fortuner now features a Lexus-like grille with thick chrome linings on two sides, which makes the Fortuner look even more imposing and gain a more road presence. On the bonnet, the new scoop design is thinner and sleeker.


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For the side profile, the Toyota Fortuner has not entirely evolved from the original design. While the modified front end is widely similar to the new-gen model, the side profile gives away the fact that it is indeed the type-1 Fortuner. The existing Toyota Fortuner has a unique design that sets its parts from the older-gen model. It means that it is mostly impossible for the modifier to replicate the look without making major modifications to the body. By far, the only update for the side is the body-coloured cladding around the wheels.

On the rear end, the old taillights were replaced with the LED units seen on the Type 2 version. Moreover, the chrome insert on the boot lid is now replaced with a gloss black aftermarket one. There is also the illuminated Fortuner badging that is in sync with the turn indicators. This element will capture a lot of eyeballs while the SUV is about to make a turn.


Modified Toyota Fortuner - Before and After 

Besides the comprehensive makeover for the exterior, there are also a lot of interesting updates happening on the inside as well. For example, the interior of the Type 1 Fortuner now gets illuminated plates and a starlight roof.


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Overall, this modified Type 1 Fortuner looks very neat and well-executed. However, since the styling differences between Type 1 and Type 3 are wide, it is practically impossible to replicate the latest design on the first-gen model.

According to the host, this Type 1-turned-Type 3 Fortuner is the first one of its kind in our country. He also admitted that there were certain issues that popped up during the process since they had no benchmark nor example to follow. It is estimated that the total modification costs around Rs 2 lakh.

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