Watch How Mahindra Thar 4x4 Rescues A Giant Bharat Benz Truck

by Harish Kumar | 30/10/2019
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Mahindra Thar is an extremely capable 4x4 SUV and it proves that true when it rescues a larger Brahat Benz truck in this video.

This is not the first time we see a Mahindra Thar rescues other vehicles in the tight spot. Just some days ago, we showed you how a Mahindra Thar salvaged a Toyota Fortuner on the dune. Now the Mahindra Thar has, once again, come to show off how a four-wheel-drive car can do by pulling out a huge heavy Bharat Benz truck which was being stuck on a slushy stretch of road in Kerala.

Mahindra Thar rescuing a truck | Shantonil Nag

How can it do that?

Four-wheel-drive vehicles can do many things, both on the roads and off it. In fact, there are a lot of things that an AWD car can do while a two-wheel-drive vehicle couldn’t even dream of and one such is pulling out other stranded vehicles. As you may not know, the four-wheel-drive transfer case on such cars like Mahindra Thar or Toyota Fortuner is so sterling. It is capable of not only enhancing the grips but also multiplying the torque double times as compared to two-wheel-drive models.

mahindra thar red colour off-roading action

Mahindra Thar is a true off-roader with its 4x4 transfer case with low and high ratios.

Thanks to this torque multiplication, these cars now can be able to pull out larger vehicles like trucks and buses out of the situation effortlessly. For the Mahindra Thar, the SUV is available with a four-wheel-drive transfer case with low & high ratios as standard. As a result, the torque output is multiplied about 2.2 times in the four-low mode, effectively making 500 Nm as against 247 Nm of the car’s stock two-wheel-drive mode. That’s the reasons why the Mahindra Thar manages to pull the multi-axle Bharat Benz truck out of the muddy surface.

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Why did the Bharat Benz truck become stuck?

mahindra thar rescuing a truck

The Mahindra Thar is capable of doing many amazing things, including winching out a heavier truck out of slushy roads.

Lack of traction. For the uninitiated, the multi-axle Bharat Benz truck is equipped with only a two-wheel-drive drivetrain system. This means if the truck hits the muddy track, the driven wheels will see a good chance of being submerged into soft loose surface. This truck seems to be stranded in wet grass by the shoulder of the roads in Kerala and the Thar appeared like a hero, succeeded in pulling the truck out of the troublesome situation.

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Things to keep in mind during such salvage

1. The rope used to winch the stuck vehicle can be easily broken under great pressure then it could seriously hurt the onlookers surrounding that area as a result. Therefore, it is essential to cover the rope with a heavy blanket so that it will fall into the ground when it snaps.

2. It is highly advisable that people stay far away from the vicinity of the recovery except for the drivers as it is very dangerous and can cause serious damage to the vehicles and people around.

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