3 Impractical Car Features That You Can Skip On

by IndianAuto Team | 02/02/2019
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Car manufacturers are rolling out more and more fancy features with attractive prices to appeal to potential car buyers, but quite a few of those features are not really worth paying for.

New, crazy, and innovative technology appears on cars every month supposedly to give the driver and passengers more comfort and entertainment while travelling in the car. Though most innovations leave us pleasantly surprise with its added touch of beauty and convenience, several bad (and sometimes useless) ideas stay around for much longer than they should. And do you know what comes with additional features? Higher price for the buyers. So in this article, we will show you the top 3 impractical car features that you can totally skip out on.

1. Roof rails

Roof rails are features that are more frequently seen in SUVs and bigger cars of the sort. However, they, for some reasons, have become prevalent to the point that you start to wonder whether they are items of “fashion” or they are of actual use.

To be honest, when the roof rails are present on top of an SUV, you rarely see them being used to keeping a bicycle or a heavy load of baggage mounted on the roof anyway, so why bring this seemingly impractical feature to small cars such as a hatchback? Kid you not, there are Maruti Suzuki Swift and Chevrolet Sail that have roof racks on, and it just makes no sense. What’s more, since roof rails are not a cheap feature, if you can skip it, you should.


Roof rails are styling items that do not have an actual use

2. Touch-sensitive air-conditioning controls

To keep you and your family safe while driving, it is of optimal importance to keep your attention on where you are going, and some features, such as the touch-sensitive air-conditioning controls, seem to be born to divert your focus away. If you owned a push-button phone back in the day and changed to a smartphone in recent years, you may notice that when you use your old push-button phone, a lot of times you do not have to look at the keys to text because you unconsciously know where each button is.

On the other hand, when you text using your smartphone, you almost have to keep your eyes on the keyboard at all times to see where your fingers are, yet you still make more mistakes than when using a push-button cellphone. That is the same with touch-sensitive air-conditioning controls. You can turn and push the air-conditioning physical buttons with your focus on the road, but using the touch-sensitive buttons occupies your eyes and distracts you from driving. So, while the touch-sensitive air-conditioning controls may look more stylish and modern, it is not worth putting your own safety on the line in exchange for them.


Touch-sensitive air-conditioning controls divert your attention away from driving and may put you in danger

3. Automatic windshield wipers

Automatic windshield wipers are wipers that have sensors to identify and discover water on the windshield so the wipers can turn on by themselves. While by definition, this feature sounds pretty neat and may cut you some slack as a driver, it is as convenient as the AutoCorrect function on your phone, which means that you may spend more time correcting the AutoCorrect than manually typing.

Actually, automatic windshield wipers were invented because a lot of car users complained that the wiper switches were poorly designed. So, to fix the problem, many car makers decided to roll out with a solution that does not work like a solution at all. Therefore, paying some extra cash for automatic wipers may be something that you need to consider twice before buying.

Automatic windshield wipers on cars are as convenient and useful as the AutoCorrect function on phones

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