4 Signs That You Should Get a New Brake

by Vivaan Khatri | 28/09/2018
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Sure! It’s pretty fair to say that if you have a well-performed car but it doesn’t have a similarly good brake, that car is not even worth paying attention to. So, brakes are very important for any type of car and they need well caring.

For anybody in this world, when it comes to buying a car, I’m sure that they don’t look for something that can put their lives in danger. Safety is one of the most important criteria when it’s come to buying a new car. A safety car must come with good working brakes. Because it’s the most important safety feature that you should concern. So, it doesn’t stop at buying a car with good brakes. You have to understand the actual state of your car’s brakes from time to time so you could detect if it has issues.

Due to its sheer importance in keeping people alive, it could a crime if any owner drives their car with broken brakes. Statistics show that 5% of the car accidents are caused by brake failure. Moreover, you also need to keep in mind that broken brakes can also affect other car parts as well. So, not only do you need to spend money on fixing your brakes, but you also have to pay money for repairing other parts because of your irresponsibility. For all that, you should already acknowledge the importance of brakes. Now, this article will help you to identify some signs to tell you that: It’s time to buy new brakes.

A brand new, well-condition car brake

Car brakes are very important

1. Your car seems like pulling to one side

It’s kind of surprising because there are a lot of reasons for a car veering to left or right. However, wearing brakes are the main reason for this problem. Driving on a road without knowing whether your car will go left or right when applying the brakes is an act of daredevils and can easily cause terrible accidents. So, in order to secure your life and others’, you need to check if the brake pads are wearing or not. To do this, you need to start driving slowly on a sparse road. When you reach a stable speed, you need to apply your foot to the brake without turning the steering wheel. If your car pulls to left or right, it’s time to get new brakes. Do yourself and other people a favor and go straight to the nearest garage or repair shop to have your brakes replaced.

the steering wheel pulls to one side

Pulling to one side is a clear sign of thin brake pads

2. Weird noises occur when hitting the brakes

One sure sign to know your brakes may have been damaged is the rattling and annoying noise underneath your car when the brake is activated. This is the sign that your brakes have been put under too much pressure and start to wear out. Although many manufacturers these days install a device that helps the depressed brakes not make weird noises, it only works out until the brakes start to get thinner and thinner. It also means that there’s no coming back, and you can do nothing to fix it. Therefore, when your car’s brakes begin to make a clicking sound, you need to immediately replace it before anything bad happens. Any other louder noise like a screech is just a strong confirmation that your car is crying out loud for a brakes replacement.

An old, rusty brake pads that have already worn out

 The annoying noise is a sign of worn brake pads

3. The brake pads are not themselves anymore

This particular signal is easy to realize. You don’t have to go to a repair shop to have someone check out for you. With just bare eyes, you can see the thinness of the brake pads. How to look at it in the right way? Easily, you can look at your brake pads through the spokes of the car wheels. If you still see the outside brake pad depresses against the rotor, your brakes are still fine. But if you see it less than a quarter-inch, brake replacement must be the first thought to come to your mind. If this method doesn’t work out for you, you can trust your feeling by running your finger through the brake pads. If you feel that it’s not thick enough, you know what to do. If both methods are not convincing enough, you can consult a professional mechanic to help you out.

 old and new brake pads

The thickness of brake pads can help you know the actual state of car brakes

4. The temperament of brakes

There are two scenarios. First, the brakes are too loose that you have to stomp them to the floor to slow your car down. Second, you just gently touch the brake pedal with the tip of your shoe but it almost completely stops your car. You may think it’s good but it’s not. Either of these two scenarios can lead to fatal accidents. It not only hurt you but also other people get damaged. You want to live dangerously, but not for other people. So please, give them a break and take your car to the mechanic if your brakes start to act like this.

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