7 Basic Safety Features That Every Car Should Have

by Vivaan Khatri | 29/06/2018
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To ensure the safety, you should consider buying a car with these following safety feature.

The car industry has made an impressive progression in the recent years in term of safety features. The safety package has been upgraded with many new and extra-effective features. In order to help you catch up with the latest safety technology and be well-informed of the features included in a car’s package, IndianAuto will show you the list of the 7 safety features that every car should have.

1. Airbags

Airbags are basic. It will protect your head in case of accidents. Every modern car is equipped with at least an airbag for driver seats. Today, it is no longer the existence of the airbags matters but the number of them that counts. Besides the standard driver airbags, now the manufacturers also offer dual front-seat airbags, side airbags or knee airbags. It is simply that the more airbags a car have, the better it is. Also notice that the force of airbags could be dangerous to children, therefore, if your car doesn’t have the weight sensor, you should keep kids at the back seat, where the airbags are not usually deployed.

safety feature air bags in car

Airbags are important to save passengers and drivers from car accident injury

2. Parking cameras/ Rear-view camera/Parking sensor

Rear-view cameras provide the view from the back of your car, which could be used as an effective guide for car parking. They could also play as a rear-view mirror which could keep you aware of what is behind your car. There are always the blind spots that your eyes could not reach by looking at the rear-view mirror or wing mirrors. These cameras will give you a broader view so that you will not hit anyone or anything. This efficient system will also make parking an easier and less stressful job.

safety feature Parking camera

Parking camera allows drivers to see what is behind the car

3. Adaptive cruise control

Cruise control helps the car to automatically keep cruising at a certain speed. A car without cruise control will require more effort from the drivers on the freeway or in winding road. Cruising control has become a common safety feature in the recent years.

Adaptive cruise control is now the latest technology of this safety feature. It not only allows you to keep the speed but also automatically adjusts the speed with other moving vehicles in front of you.


Adaptive cruise control safety feature

Adaptive cruise control will automatically adjust the speed of your car

4. Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

Emergency braking is usually followed by skidding. However, with the help of anti-lock braking systems, skidding will be prevented and the driver will be in total control of the car.  

safety feature anti-lock braking system

How the anti-lock braking system works

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5. Auto emergency braking

Autonomous emergency braking or AEB for short is the life-saving safety feature that every car should get. The AEB system employs the car sensor or camera to scan and spot any obstacle ahead. When there will be a potential crash arises, the brake will automatically react to it. It is a game-changing technology which could give a quicker response to emergency braking.

Auto emergency braking safety feature

Auto emergency braking gives quicker reactions to emergency situations

Here are the reasons why you should pick a car with the auto emergency braking system:

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6. Blind-spot monitoring

This simple system will send you the signal if there is any vehicle to appear in the blind spot of your car. It will help to be aware of what is happening around your car and allow you to give a better decision.

blind-spot monitoring

Have a better visibility with the help of blind-spot monitoring

See the video to know how the blind spot monitoring could benefit your safety:

Blind spot detection

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7. Lane-keeping alert and assistance

Lane-keeping alert will assist you in keeping driving within the lane mark. In some cars, this feature will alert you if your car is moving outside the lane, other advanced systems will automatically adjust the direction itself to keep you on the right track. It will save you from interrupting the moving direction of other vehicles.

Safety is the first priority when joining the traffic. With the help of these amazing features, you could reduce the risk of car accidents. They are all worthy investments that you should not miss when buying a new car.

Lane-keeping alert safety feature

Lane-keeping alert will keep you well on the right lane

The manufacturers are now more concern with equipping their models with these safety features, and obviously, these features will soon become essential for all cars as the call for safety drives are more demanding than ever. 

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