All You Need to Know about Warning Lamps (Part I)

by IndianAuto Team | 16/08/2018
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These are what you need to know about steering warning lamp, washer fluid lamp, oil level lamp, airbag lamp and seatbelt lamp.

Very few people feel bothered enough to read the entire driver’s manual which accompanies the car when you buy it. The thing is it has everything you need to know about those strange-looking shining symbols on the cluster panel, why they are on and off, what are they trying to tell you about, or more exactly warn you about. We are sincerely asking you to go grab the manual for all that information. But if you want to spare yourself the legwork, then read this article, which is actually what is carried over from your very own driver’s manual.

1. Seatbelt lamp

 red icon lamp of seatbelt

The icon itself should be made bigger to get more attention

It simply means some car occupants has not secured themselves yet with the seatbelt. Please, folks! The item itself is devised to diminish the toll of car crashes or any accident, hence saving you. It may feel a tad uncomfortable at first but it is quite a fair deal to be safe (and sound).

2. Airbag lamp

orange icon lamp of airbag

 It should never be ignored when your airbag system goes awry

The SRS (supplemental restraint system) icon is on when an error in the crash sensor is detected by the diagnostic unit whenever you start your car. The system will then automatically deactivate/ lock the airbags to wait for repairmen. If you happen to have your SRS lamp on, try to get help from the nearest garage or workshop, don’t drive regardless of the situation lest you might experience a car crash with the airbags being disabled.

3. Oil level lamp

orange icon lamp of oil level

Topping up your car sometimes may not be the solution to oil level problems

It can be a bit tricky in the case of this warning light. It can mean your car is running out of oil. The solution to this problem is easy, feed the oil tank. That said, you check the oil level with a dipstick and it reads full, but this very lamp is still on even when the oil volume is within the operating range. In these cases, seek for help immediately.

4. Washer fluid lamp

yellow icon lamp of washer fluid

It is much more recommended to use washer fluid than normal tap water to clean the windscreen

It is much more recommended to use washer fluid than water for the sake of preventing sediment in tap water forming stain on the windscreen, creating visibility hindrance. This warning lamp flaring up simply indicates the washer fluid volume has dropped and about to be used up and need a refill.

5. Steering warning lamp

orange icon lamp of steering

Struggle to steer is expected when this icon illuminates

The power steering system’s function is to multiply force applied to the steering wheel inputs to the (most likely the front) road wheels, making the task of steering easier. This warning symbol comes up when the electronic power steering finds out a malfunction which leads to reduced support or a complete shutdown of the whole system, causing difficulties steering the vehicle. Seeking professional assistance should be the prime concern when you encounter such a problem.

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6. Low fuel lamp

yellow icon lamp of low fuel

This lamp comes in pair with the fuel gauge as an alarm of the car’s state of using up fuel

The car is using the reserve of the fuel tank is when this symbol pops up on the cluster panel to notify you of the car’s state of running out of fuel and a refill is needed as soon as possible. Still, the low level of gas left can provide you several miles to drive to the nearby petrol station to feed your car.

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