Here Are Few Tips To Get The Ideal Driving Position

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 14/04/2021
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Many drivers tend to forget to adjust their driving position in a vehicle, which can lead to an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous driving experience. Here are a few tips to help you get the ideal driving position in a vehicle.

An ideal driving position is very important to have a comfortable driving experience, and shouldn’t be underappreciated. A bad driving position can lead to back problems, as well as increase the possibility of getting injured in the event of an accident. Modern vehicles come with a greater amount of driving adjustability compared to vehicles from decades past and you should take advantage of it. Today we have this guide to help you get the most ideal driving position for you.


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Here Are A Few Tips To Get The Ideal Driving Position

Seat Distance

You should start by adjusting your seat and base every other adjustment from it. The ideal position of your seat will be to be as far as it will go back with the clutch fully depressed, or brake pedal in case of an automatic. A too stretched or cramped seating position will lead to an uncomfortable driving experience and can make it harder to learn for new drivers.

Seat Height

Most vehicles today come with a height-adjustable driving seat. In the case of seat height, a person’s body to leg ratio matters in getting the right height. If you have a longer body compared to your legs, you should try to keep the seat lower, whereas if you’re a long-legged person, you should raise the seat height.
Pro Tip – Your nose should be at the same height as the highest part of the vehicle’s dashboard.

Backrest and Headrest

The best position for the backrest is when your head is sitting directly on top of the spine, and you do not have to hunch to drive. Though keeping your head lower may be comfortable at first, a straighter head position will be less tiring over longer distances.

As for the headrest, it should be positioned at the same height where the middle of the back of your head is. Apart from comfort, the headrest is designed to save your head from whiplash in case of an accident. A too low or too high headrest diminishes its capabilities, which can lead you to get seriously injured.

Steering Wheel

Modern vehicles come with height and reach adjustable steering wheels, and you should use them for the best position. The ideal position of the steering wheel is where you can rest your wrist on top of the wheel with a little bend at the elbows. A too stretched or too bent position will lead to a tiring driving experience. The height of the steering wheel should be high enough to see the dials through the middle of the wheel. A too low wheel height will impede your view of the dials, while a too high steering position can distract you when looking ahead at the road.

Pro Tip – Do not touch the steering wheel when locking into place as the system may not lock into the position correctly if you’re holding it.


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Inside Rear-view Mirror and Outside Rear-view Mirrors

The IRVM should be adjusted to a position where you can see the whole of the rear window. If you keep the IRVM close to the middle, you will only see a portion of the rear window.

Both your ORVMs should be adjusted to a point where you can see half of the road and half of the sky is visible. You should also be able to see a bit of your vehicle, around 10%, in the ORVMs. It should be noted that the wing mirrors are of a convex shape, which gives a wider view of the road behind but also make objects farther than it seems. Always use your IRVM when changing lanes or judging the distance of another vehicle behind.

These were a few tips you should keep in mind to get the ideal driving position. We hope it came as a help to you.

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