HRSP and Colour-coded Stickers: How To Avoid Challan

by Harish Kumar | 23/12/2020
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How can you avoid the fine for not having HSRP and colour-coded fuel stickers in Delhi? Read on to know the details.

As you all know that the Delhi Transport Department has mandated that all vehicle sold before April 1, 2019, should have HSRP (High-Security Registration Plates) and colour-coded fuel stickers to show what kind of fuel among petrol, diesel, CNG and electric that the vehicles use. Under the amended MV Act, the Delhi Traffic Department would like to raise the people’s awareness about this change by issuing challan of up to Rs 10,000, which is compounded to Rs 5,500 for those who are found violating this. How can you avoid the fine? Read on to know.

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What is it?

Before going any further into how to avoid the challan, let’s know what HSRP and why it is important. Basically, HSRP is an aluminium number plate issued by the Government, with a laser-branding 10-digit permanent identification number located at the bottom left corner of every plate. There’s a hot-stamped chromium-based hologram of Ashoka Chakra on the top left corner along with the letters ‘INDIA” being inscribed at a 45-degree angle.

Meanwhile, the colour-coded stickers are used to identify the fuel type that the vehicle is running on. For example, the vehicles running on petrol and CNG will get light blue-coloured stickers while diesel-powered vehicles will have orange-coloured ones. These colour-coded stickers will have a registration number, a laser-based PIN, registering authority, engine and chassis number and registering authority.


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Why is it important?

Currently, there are around 30 lakh vehicles including 12 lakh four-wheelers and 16 lakh two-wheelers that are required to be kitted out with HSRP.

In truth, the HSRPs are very useful. Given the fact that the data/ info of vehicles in India are maintained manually that causes it very inconvenient and troublesome to keep the files and find the details. Also, some minor manual errors can turn things into a mess. Therefore, these HSRPs enable a digital database of vehicle information which can be stored and looked up at any time. Other than that, as its name suggests, with some certain security features, the HSRPs are protected against the counterfeiting.

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While the traditional number plates could be easily swapped in case of theft then the police would find it impossible to track the vehicle info. However, that’s not the case of the HSRPs. These high-security number plates are fitted with a non-removable snap-on lock that is hard to be changed.


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How To Avoid Being Fined For HSRP and Colour-coded Stickers?

How to avoid challans for using vehicles without HSRP and colour-coded stickers? To answer this question, one should keep in mind that you will not be fined if you have applied for the HSRP and colour-coded fuel stickers already. Thing is, you must show the acknowledgement receipt of the booking to prove that you’ve already applied for them. Since it will take time for the delivery of the stickers and number plates, you can get away without having to pay the fine if the police stop you.

How To Apply Online For HSRP and Colour-coded Stickers?

The HSRPs can be booked online via the website: After vising this website, follow these steps to fulfil the application:

  • Step 1: Click on the section: High-Security Registration Plate with Colour Sticker

  • Step 2: Select the type of vehicle: four-wheeler

  • Step 3: Select the brand of your vehicle

  • Step 5: Choose the state: Delhi/UP that’s based on the registration number of your car

  • Step 6: Opt for Private or Commercial Vehicle

  • Step 7: Select Fuel Type between Petrol/ Diesel/ Electric/ CNG

  • Step 8: Fill the details of the vehicle to book an appointment

  • Step 9: Choose to get the HSRP delivered to your home or visit the dealer/centre to collect the same

  • Step 10: Choose the date and time

  • Step 11: Make the payment online and get the acknowledgement receipt

After the application, you can wait for the number plate delivered to your address. The colour-coded stickers can also be booked on the website as well.

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