How To Buy A Used Car In India?

by Vivaan Khatri | 28/09/2018
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As a customer, we all want for ourselves a car that is suited us the most. No matter it’s a brand new car or even a used car, a customer must always be aware of what they are buying. Here are some tips that you may find useful when it comes to buying a used car.

When will a customer buy a used car? There are 2 possible scenarios: Firstly, when your heart and soul want to own a Ferrari, but your wallet can only afford an old-model one; secondly, when customers, or their kids, need to learn how to drive, and you don’t want them to crash a fresh car into a wall.

Picking a used car is not easy at all. Although it was used, it has to satisfy three requirements: Safety, and price. Actually, choosing a new car can even be tougher than picking a used one. Because customers sometimes just need a good knowledge of models and variants to choose a right new car. However, in case of picking a used car, they will need a sharp eye and a quick-witted brain to determine if the car is still usable for a long time. To help you out with it, this article will provide you some criteria when buying a used car.

A car yard which sells a lot of used cars

Used cars but still good to go

1. Know your need:

This criterion is very essential. You can’t just go to the car yard and buy a car just because of its look. No! Don’t do that! You need to spend a good amount of time writing down some specific details about the car you need.

Some customers decide to buy a used car because their friends or relatives use them, but not knowing what he/she really needs. You don’t want to waste money on scrap, right? For example, if you have to travel a lot, especially on the highway, you should consider buying a diesel-using car. Because diesel engine’s endurance is very tough due to the high turbocharging ratios and withstands against pressure. That’s why its life span is a lot longer than the petrol engine. On the other hand, the rise of diesel has stomped down the cost of petrol. So, if you don’t drive around too often, the petrol engine is a great choice.

petrol engine and diesel engine

Find the right engine type when buying a used car

2. Form a standard

After determining how your dream used car is gonna be, you need to set a standard. If your car meet your need, but its exterior looked like an old man, you need to let it go. This criterion requires you to stay focus, be vigilant and not to be attracted by a good-looking car, especially when it passes way too far from your standard.

3. Be aware of the brand

Oh yeah! Brand! The most delicious bait the customers would love to bite. Sure! a used car with popular brands like Suzuki, Toyota, or Ford can attract more people than a used one with less popular brands. But customers seem to forget about one thing: It is USED. So, brands don’t really play an important role here. Some used cars are actually much better comparing in spite of their unpopular brand. You need to focus more on the availability of its parts, check if the manufacturers still produce that model. Also, you need to have good understandings about the car you’re going to buy, it will help you pick a used car more efficiently.

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cars in a used car sale garage

Don't be blinded by the brand

3. Check the tire

Why the tire? You may ask. Actually, the tire can tell you a lot about the car that you tend to buy. Car’s tires always have the production year on them. So, you need to check if the age of each tire and the car are matched. If not, you have to seriously consider if this car is worth it. A good set of tires can give you a hint about the condition of the car, a sharp buyer can tell if the car has been crashed, or driven on bad roads, The wear of the tires can show if the maintenance is good or bad. A bad maintaining service can result in an uneven wear tire.

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One more thing, a bad set of tires can even tell the buyers about the car’s life. The last owners may use bad tires to save money, but these tires can seriously threaten the quality of the car and shorten its life. So, you will need to thoroughly check the age of the tires.

The importance of tires

Buying looking at the tyres, you can tell a lot about a car's state

4. Don’t be so hasted

Take your time! Relax! You have all the time in the world when deciding which cars are suitable for you. You need to take a good look, ask the seller some necessary questions about price, state of the car, and so on.  If possible, you should ask for a test drive. You can take the car out and cruise around the road, or even drive it in circles. This method can help you check if the cooling system, clutch, brake, and engine are still good. You can even notice if your car makes any weird sound.

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