How to Drive Safely In The Rain On Indian Roads (Safety Driving Tips)

by Vivaan Khatri | 28/06/2018
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The rainy weather could be really dangerous if you don't know how to drive safely in the rain.

For car drivers, the weather may not always be an easy-to-get-along company, especially in the rain when slippery roads, poor visibility and the traffic turmoil often worsen the situation. Therefore. knowing how to drive safely in the rain is one of the most important traits of a good driver, which can be improved by the following safety tips.

1. Prepare your car

The car itself is the most crucial thing when it comes to driving in the rain. Ideally, your car should be equipped with features specifically catered for driving in rainy conditions, for example, rain-sensor wiper. Otherwise, you have to make sure that your car is in its best condition with adequate fluid, well-functioning wiper, proper tire tread for slippery surfaces.

2. Be careful with the flooded road

Car in flood

You should avoid flooded road as much as possible

Every driver knows that getting into the deep water is not good for car’s health, because water might cover the low-located air-intakes, which could seriously jeopardize the car engine's performance. So to protect your car, you should choose a route with a better drainage system and avoid those with frequent floods.

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3. Drive slowly

car in rain

Don’t rush in the rain!

Driving slowly in the rain is what you should always keep in mind. because it is easy for the car to hydroplane at high speed. Plus, if there is the flood, you cannot clearly see what is under the water. Therefore, it is highly advised that you should drive in the first gear when it rains.

Cruise control, accelerating and braking abruptly are also not recommended for this type of weather.

4. Deal with poor visibility

poor visibility

It is necessary to keep a clear visibility in the rain

Visibility is one factor that could heavily affect your driving in the rain. Before setting out on a rainy day, you should clean the windshield to get rid of all the stains or dirt that could obstruct the sight.

To ensure a clear visibility, you can turn on the headlamp and fog lamp. Lighting is important as it will help to make your car visible to other drivers on the road. However, keep the emergency flasher on is not a good solution to clear your way because it could baffle the other commuters.

5. Pay attention to the brake

After immersing in water, your car’s brake could become less controllable than usual. To fix this, you can push the brake pedal when the car stops. It would help to dry the brake. Moreover, for safety’s sake, you should always keep a good distance from other vehicles so that if something unexpected happens, you have more time to respond.

6. Be focused

car driving in rain

You should always pay attention to the road

Last but not least, you have to really focus on driving. Keep your eyes constantly on the road, and shut down any distraction such as radio or phone. Using a phone while driving is common in India, but it can easily lead to car accidents, especially on a rainy day. Stay focused, and don’t overlook any sign of danger under these unpredictable situations.

Hopefully, by keeping these helpful tips in mind, you can embark on a safe drive in the rain,

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