How to file an insurance claim after car theft in India?

by IndianAuto Team | 22/09/2018
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Thought your car has been stolen, you can still be relieved if you have bought a car comprehensive insurance. Here are steps to file an insurance claim for a car theft.

The comprehensive insurance coverage is the only type of insurance that will repay you if you have a car stolen. Comprehensive insurance is not mandatory so you should check with the seller whether your auto insurance includes the comprehensive coverage. Spare parts of the auto sometimes require a separate cover and are not included within the comprehensive insurance. Moreover, claims of insurance purchasers often get dismissed because they do not understand the car insurance claim procedure and miss some extremely important steps. Here are crucial steps to file a claim in case your auto gets stolen.

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The comprehensive insurance will repay you if you have a car stolen

1. Obtain the First Information Report (FIR) from the police

First and foremost, report your car stolen case to the police immediately to get the FIR. This act should not be delayed. Besides, the car owner should also hold a duplicate of the FIR, which is one of significant documents in handling the claim. You ought not to forget this step in any cases.

2. Get the claim form from the insurance company

Then, notice your insurance agency about your situation. The firm has its procedure to begin once you have rung them. Ensure you contact them instantly. You can call the customer service department or directly visit the office of the insurance firm to fill in the claim form. You need to prepare all original documents related to your stolen vehicle as well as car keys to submit to surveyors whom the insurance firm has appointed. Those documents include an insurance policy document, copies of driving licence, book of registration certificate, FIR, etc.

3. Announce to the Regional Transport Office (RTO)

Next, you need to advise the legal transport department. Keep in mind to tell the Regional Transport Office. They must provide you transfer papers and necessary documents to do the next steps. You contact your local RTO, where you registered your car, by sending them a letter stating that your auto has just been stolen.

4. Get the untraceable report

The untraceable vehicle report is a paper issued by the police. It states that your vehicle can't be found, traced or located. Without this record, your auto burglary insurance is probably not going to be approved. Keep in mind that the police need at least a month since the theft to issue this report. Once the police publish the “Non-Traceable Report” for your vehicle, you have to submit that paper for the insurance agency.

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You should prepare all the necessary documents

5. Approve and settle

After receiving this important report of the police along with other needed documents, the insurer will approve your claim and tell you to transfer the ownership of the stolen car for the insurance firm. You need to transfer your registration certificate by filling the required forms. Then you give the insurer your original car keys, car buying invoice and a subrogation letter.

6. Reimburse

The amount of money approved by the surveyor will be paid for you within seven normal working days. In case you use a loan to buy the car, the insurance firm will be in charge of paying for the bank the lacking amount.

A thief is trying to break into a car

It’s so depressing to have a car stolen

However, insurance claims for car theft are still rejected for some more reasons. There are various occasions in which the vehicle proprietor has demonstrated a dreary state of mind towards guaranteeing appropriate safety for their autos. For example, some drivers leave cars in the parking lot with open windows, unlocked doors or even the car key in the ignition. The insurer will absolutely not pay the reimbursement for such careless owners. Furthermore, a theft claim will be dismissed if the registration certificate of the auto is invalid or a fact misrepresentation is found relevant to theft of the car.

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