How To Maintain Your CNG Cars in Best Conditions?

by IndianAuto Team | 30/09/2018
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You have just bought a CNG car? You wonder how to maintain and take care of it? Here are CNG car maintenance tips for you to keep your car in its best condition.

For the last ten years, more and more people choose to buy a CNG car thanks to its compact size and reasonable price. However, not many people know how to maintain and take care of a CNG auto in a right way. Autos are originally designed to run on petrol, so you should be cautious and careful to help your CNG car always be healthy. Some great habits will help the car run smoothly in the long run. Here are CNG car maintenance tips for you to keep your car in its best condition.

compressed natural gas in a car trunk

You should take care of your CNG car

1. Set auto fuel as your car mode

When your car is in the automatic fuel mode, the car engine begins in petrol and switches into CNG automatically once it warms up. You don’t have to hit any button or adjust any settings. Generally, after about 1.5 or 2 km ride, your car engine will auto switch into the mode of CNG. That mode betters the engine’s overall life by lubricating the engine as well as reducing wear-and-tear.

2. Park in covered places

cars parked under the roof

You should park your car in covered areas

In sunny day, you had better park a CNG auto in the shades to avoid stepping into a freaking hot car. Moreover, CNG car contains gasoline, which evaporates far more quickly than petrol, diesel and other kinds of fuel. Thus, parking in covered places not only prevents your natural gas from evaporating but also protects your car against the heat coming from the sun.


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3. Clean and replace the air filter

a dirty car air filter

Dirty air filter is dangerous for your car

You should clean the car’s air filter twice a year and change it after a couple of years. When your CNG auto reaches 10,000 km, it means you should check your air filter immediately.

4. Clean the throttle body

For those who do not know what a throttle body is, it’s a valve connecting the car’s air filter with the intake. Again, once your car reaches 10,000 km, it’s time to check the throttle body and have it cleaned.

5. Check the spark plugs

Spark plugs which are originally made for petrol vehicles will wear out faster when used on CNG cars. Therefore, you should use special spark plugs for CNG cars. Otherwise, you should ask the mechanic to shorten the gap from the plug’s metallic tip to the actual spark source. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you change the spark plugs after a fixed amount of time or certain kilometres your car has crossed.

spark plugs

You should check the spark plugs for CNG cars regularly


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6. Replace the filter cartridge

After 20,000 km ride, replace the filter cartridge of your CNG car. Doing so will enhance the car’s engine. If your filter has not been changed for a long time, the power of your CNG auto will be wasted significantly. That’s why you should change the Low Pressure Filter Cartridge after a certain amount of time.

the filter cartridge

Replacing the filter cartridge can enhance the car's engine

7. Check the CNG tank

Running on a close to empty tank will reduce the cylinder’s pressure and increases the risk of the valves exploding. Therefore, even if your car uses CNG, you should keep a regular flow of petrol both in the tank and in the engine usage. You should also change the valves frequently, which may cost between Rs.200 and Rs.350 based on your car kit.

CNG car underhood yellow tanks

Checking the CNG tank regularly can help reduce the risk of the valves exploding and maintain the pressure of the cylinder


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8. Check for CNG leak

If you detect any sign of CNG leakage, releasing noise or potential external damage to CNG piping or during an accident, try not to panic. Instead, stop your auto and turn off the engine, roll the windows down and open the doors. Make sure you close the manual shut off valve which is placed on the cylinder. Try not to run the car on petrol. Call the authorized service station immediately for more assistance.

CNG car leak

Do not panic if you realize a CNG car leak
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