Monsoon Car Care Tips: 5 Tips for Windshield Wiper Care for Your Car

by Harish Kumar | 17/06/2020
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With the merciless monsoon ahead, here are five essential tips to take care of the windshield wipers of your car.

It is essential to protect your car during the severe monsoon season. No matter how many times you use your car, once in a month for an outing or on a daily basis, it is obvious that some small parts of the car will be worn out gradually, especially for the windshield wiper that is often subjected to the frequent use. While the wiper blade is just a small part in a car, you will certainly find it irritated without it. With the merciless monsoon around the corner, here are five important car care tips to maintain your windshield wipers. Check it out!

1. Clean the Wiper Blades and Windscreen Regularly

India is a hot tropical country which encounters a decent level of rainfall year after year. Since there’s no respite from the recurring monsoons in India, most of the cars come under the regular use of windscreen wipers and all. In the heavy rain, wiper blades also work extra time to help you navigate your way ahead so frankly, the windshield and wiper blades will attract more dirt and dust than the other parts of the car.

wiper blade cleaning image

Even in the event of the nationwide lockdown, leaving the windscreen with wiper blades over there also implies the increasing aggregation of dust. Therefore, it is a small but a key tip for you to clean the windshield wipers regularly with a piece of wet cloth. Apply some glass cleaner or using fairly hot water is also a good idea to keep the wiper blades or the windshield clean.


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2. Defrost and Smoothen the Rough Edges before Using the Wipers

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The car’s wiper blades might deliver an increased roughness gathered by dirt and dust after a very long time of no use, causing them to snap or make noises while using. So first up, it is highly recommended that one should ensure that the rubber edges of the wipers do not get a uniformity.

You might not know that currently there’s something called “wiper blade restoration tool” that can cost around Rs 500 to take care of your wiper.


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3. Soften the Rubber of Windshield Wipers

Since hot weather is a typical climate in our country, the rubber quality may be reduced in high temperature. To correct the rubber quality, dip a cloth into the petroleum jelly then wipe along the entire length of the rubber.

petroleum jelly image

Make sure that the jelly can soak into the rubber thoroughly. That said, the softer the wiper blades are, the better it works for the windscreen, doesn’t it?

4. Tighten Wiper Arms

If you don’t want to see the wiper blades falling out of the car on the go, you’d better check the screws on the wiper at times. This should be an important check-point considering fact that the monsoon is coming. Remove the plastic cap and tighten the screws a little bit but make sure that they aren’t over-tightened.


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5. Replace the wiper blades at least twice a year

Remember that the wiper blades are designed to last around six months merely. After that period, the driver can notice a decline in terms of driving visibility during the rainy days. To curb this problem, one needs to give them the replacements every six months. Keep an eye on the wiper blades to notice any signs of early wear or squeaking across the windscreen. Changing the wiper blades is quite easy and you can do it yourself.

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