Obstacles and What Need to be Done to Import a Car into India

by IndianAuto Team | 23/11/2018
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Doesn't a cutting-edge vehicle on the road interest you? But what obstacles you need to overcome to import a luxurious car into India?

Most people longs for driving or riding it everyday, however many obstacles in the car market have made individuals abandon this thought. Automobiles from famous brands, for example, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ducati, MV Agusta have always been a dream for many car lovers. These producers have already launched their top of the line vehicles in India either by themselves or by framing joint endeavours. Nevertheless, the business figures of such vehicles could not hit the peak in India despite the fact that producers see a future in this market. General Motors must abandon their presence in India due to low sales. That’s why you find it hard to purchase a foreign vehicle in India. Aside from that, the Indian streets, as well as international regulations, do not facilitate car makers.

a white luxurious car slide view

Your dream luxurious car is so close

Additionally, the Indian government is in favour of producing cars locally. As the import obligations are more, it demoralizes importing car as a CBU (Completely Built Unit) or assembling locally as a CKD (Completely Knocked-Down). Unless you are a mogul who can spend enormous measures of cash on import and traditions obligations, you should not proceed with this plan. It has made the greater part of the moguls to import the vehicles by paying a weighty sum on all the external taxes. So it is important to reconsider before importing any vehicle from oversea.

CBU (Completely Built Unit) in India

An imported car is the one that is not manufactured by an Indian company 

Aside from spending a gigantic measure of cash on bringing in the vehicle, one needs to deal with numerous different factors, for example, service network, fix charges, and so on. Furthermore, you have to struggle to find high octane fuel which isn't promptly accessible in most fuel stations in India. Unlike local cars using standard unleaded petrol, these extravagance vehicles utilize 98 octane fuel only. In case one can't find 98 Octane, he/she may need to utilize 93 octane which may harm the motor and won't enable you to utilize the vehicle to its maximum capacity. Forgetting all these problems, if you still wish to import a vehicle in India, here are tips to make your dream come true.

small cars carried by a truck

There are many ways to import a car into India

1. Join the automobile network

The most effortless approach to begin isn't really surfing the Internet and looking for a website for the right procedures. Utilize your network and ask anybody you know with a foreign car. They will most likely be as energized as you to see another excellent auto arrive. It might simply be the best thing you can do to make your fantasy a reality.

At some point this guy will potentially have you by the balls, with your car poised hopefully at the port, waiting to break free of the reams of red tape. Remember that.

2. Employ experts

Contract a legal customs broker. There are so many illegal ones around, which could transform your fantasies into a bad dream, so check, check and check again before you tie the knot. Contracting somebody with the right information and right contacts will spare you time and cash. Sooner or later this person will help you get your dream vehicle.

 3. Know the laws

Apart from import obligations, there are various restrictions and standards that should be pursued before a vehicle can be imported. Here are the five major restrictions. One, the vehicle being imported ought not to be made or assembled inside India. Two, it ought not to have been sold, rented or loaned before being transported into India. Three, it had not been enlisted for use in any nation preceding being brought into India. Four, the vehicle ought to be imported just from the nation of production. Five, it ought to conform to Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR), 1989.

4. Calculate the fees

The aggregate customs duty on most cars comes to more than one and a half the expense of the vehicle. The import duty for the luxurious autos is 165% of the CIF value. Besides, the registration cost with the RTO would also be applied by the State Government. So give it a long and careful calculation before you go with it.

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