Manual or automatic - Here's Which Type of Car Suits You the Best

by IndianAuto Team | 22/09/2020
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When a person wants to buy a car, they have to decide which types they will choose. There are 2 main types: manual car and automatic car. But what are the differences between them?

Now, You don’t need to be an expert to know that thoughtful consideration before buying a car is never redundant. You definitely don’t want to waste a fortune on a car that you have to struggle to drive it. So, this means that before going to any car shop or dealership to buy a brand new or used car, you always have to acknowledge some basic information about the differences of  manual car and automatic car. These two types have their own advantages and disadvantages that will help you sort out Automatic vs Manual which type is fit you the most. Don’t pick a car randomly! Getting stuck with a wrong car is the last thing you want to experience on earth.

4 cars and 2 types of transmission, manual and automatic

These two types of car have their own advantages and disadvantages

How can you know which of these 2 types will suit you the most? This article will definitely help you out. We will go through the clearest difference between these two types of car’s transmission, their pros and cons. After that, you will pretty sure what you will choose.

The main difference

We will easily understand this difference just by their name. Manual means that you have to control something by hand. Automatic means that the machine will do it on its own. So, when it’s come to driving a car, the obvious difference is that the way car’s gears are shifted. For  an automatic transmission, its main purpose is to make it easy for the drivers to control their car. It means that the car will automatically shift the gears for you. On the other hand, manual transmission requires the driver to have some skills because they have to switch the gears by pulling the clutch or using the gas pedal.

The tachometer mounted on the car

You shouldn’t let the needle run to the untouched red zone

So, why do you have to concern about this gear-shifting? And what is the relation between this act and these two types of transmissions? Well, when your car is running on the street faster and faster, the RPMs of your car’s engine will increase along.The “tachometer” on the dashboard will show you the status of the engine’s RPMs. You will also notice that it has two colors on the background, red and white. The white part indicates the safe zone which is still fine for your engine. On the other hand, you shouldn’t let the needle run to the red zone because this can harm your car’s engine and reduce its lifespan.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of automatic cars

Like you have just read, an automatic car’s job is to do all the gear shifting for you. So, what you have to do is to drive like a normal person. Thus, this type of car is the most suitable for first-time drivers or someone who lacks driving experience. Please have a look through some advantages and disadvantages a automatic  car brings:


  • Concentration. Not worrying about when it’s time for gear shifting, you will eventually pay more attention to the traffic status.

  • Car preservation. If you are living in a dense city and the traffic is jam almost all the time, automatic cars are your buddy! Because driving a manual car on a stop-and-go traffic will definitely cut short of your car’s lifespan.

  • The best friend for multitasking people. Multitasking  is not recommended. However, if you are so thirsty while driving and want to have a sip of water, an automatic car will change the gear for you. Most of the automatic cars have their gear shift installed near the steering wheel. So, it means that your left leg is free. Relaxation at its best!

  • Road merging. Some automatic cars, especially the new models, are now able to switch gears even faster. This will help you whenever you need to accelerate or when to merge onto a freeway.

  • Engine stalling. Almost no chance of engine stalling in automatic cars.

  • Stress reliever. Not paying too much attention to the road means that the drivers can drive and relax. Moreover, it can keep them from accidents.


  • Some car’s accelerator pedals may not perform as well as expected.

  • The price is usually higher than manual cars’.

  • The repairing expenses are definitely high.

  • Some drivers can’t have a driving feel when driving an automatic car.

  • Not too many choices comparing to manual cars.

An automatic car’s gear shift with some details on it

An automatic car’s job is to do all the gear shifting for you


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Advantages and Disadvantages of manual cars

The automatic cars will bring you the relaxation. The manual cars will bring you the feeling that you are the boss of this car. In spite of knowing that driving a manual car is always more complicated, it doesn’t mean that there are no good things about it. Let’s see.


  • Less gas consumption. Because the driver will control the gear shift by themselves, it means that the car won’t do too much revving and thus, it saves gas.

  • Controlling flexibility. You can do a lot of things with a manual car. For example, if you want to slow down, instead of applying the brake, you can downshift and let the engine do the rest. Furthermore, this method even prevents your tire from wearing out quickly.

  • The inexpensive costs. Unlike automatic cars, both purchasing and repairing cost of manual cars are usually cheaper. Because the technology and machinery details inside a manual car are not very complex.


  • When you are driving a manual car in a stop-and-go traffic, you must change the gears all the time. Not only will this action make you feel uncomfortable, but it also harms your car’s engine really badly.

  • The drivers have to have some good skills to use the clutch, throttle, and gears efficiently in order to keep the car at its best form.

  • You have to pay more attention to the road, which is a demanding task, mentally and physically. So, it means that your body can quickly be tired and this state is never favourable

A fancy manual gear shift inside a modern car

The manual cars will bring you the feel that you are the boss of this car


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So, which types will fit you the most?

After all the things you have just read, this is the question you have to answer by yourselves. Usually, a driver will pick a car based on his/her taste rather than the cost.

If you are possessed by Michael Schumacher’s spirit, a manual car will definitely satisfy you.  However, if you are looking for an easy car to drive, you should purchase an automatic car.

One friendly advice to you that if you have already had an automatic car or you are intending to buy one, you also should learn how to drive with a stick shift. Because an automatic car can be driven as a manual car to boost its maximum performance. Likewise, in some emergency, knowing how to drive a stick shift will help you a lot.

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