5 Things You Should Do When Driving In Tiredness

by IndianAuto Team | 12/07/2019
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Have you ever face tiredness while driving? Have tired driving caused you some troublesome situations? If your answer is two yes-es, you surely need to go through the below post

Because life is getting busier and faster, the number of humans facing the risk of sleep deprivation is increasing day by day. There are thousands of reports showing that a lot of issues caused by the lack of alert resulted from sleep deprivation. Not only does it make examinees lose concentration during their examination, but it also draws drivers’ eyes away from the road. If a person is driving when tired, he or she may hit the curbs accidentally, or even worse, hit another car while at high speed. Therefore, it is no wonder why people often compare tired-driving to drunk-driving. To limit the dangers coming from sleep deprivation and fatigue, try to make yourself conscious is the best method. And if you don’t know how, don’t worry because IndianAuto is here to provide essential tips to boost your alertness on the road in this article, check it out below!

It is a must to have a good night sleep prior to a long journey

a man sleep well

Good sleep helps you get full of alertness.

It must be very exciting that you cannot sleep if tomorrow is a long vacation with your friends, family, lover, or all of them. However, no matter how thrilling it is, you must take a good sleep or else you will find yourself struggling with sleepiness which lowers the joy during your journey. However, it is not the only effect that not getting enough sleep brings to you; to be clear, if you are the driver, things are more complicated and more dangerous. Imagine that you are driving with one or more people in the car, and you will see that you are responsible for not just your own life, but other lives as well. Tired driving makes your vision blurry and your concentration gradually gets worse, which make you sleep on the steering wheel while the car is still moving. Therefore, to avoid unexpected events, try to sleep sufficiently. In case you have to stay awake the day before, you can ask another person to take the wheel for you until you fully recover.

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Take a break before continuing to drive

Although you are full of energy at the beginning of your journey, no one can guarantee your alertness will stay the same during a really long drive. At the time you start feeling fatigued and sleepy, it’s time to take a break before lay your hand on the steering wheel again. However, it’s not a good way to stop in the middle of the road and take a nap (although you can do this if there is no other way round). Instead, find a rest stop, take a little rest; if you think your destination is near and a cup of coffee is enough then give it a go.

car on a cliff

If not having enough consciousness, you can end up in dangerous events.

Let’s recap, at the time you are driving when tired, try to rest for a while in a rest stop, have a cup of coffee if it helps. And in the worst case in which you are in the middle of nowhere, ask a person to drive for you for a short time or you can stop on the edge of the road and ask other people to watch out for you while you are taking a short nap.

Plan your journey in detail

taking note

Having a planned journey also saves a lot of time.

To avoid taking a nap in the middle of nowhere when you face sleepiness while driving, you need to plan your journey in detail. That is to say, if you’re on a very long vacation which has a lot of destinations and most of the distances between them will cost you plenty of time, you have to consider whether your normal stamina can get you through these roads; in rare cases, you or other participants may get sick during the journey and the stamina is not so good. For this reason, you should search on the internet to find all the rest stops you will be likely to pass during your journey; by this way, you can plan when and where to rest so that your group can keep consistent energy until the trip finishes.

Keep an eye on what your body digest

There is a common phenomenon reaction of our body towards foods. That is when we eat a huge meal, we start to feel sleepy. This can be explained by assuming our body needs a large amount of energy to digest food, and the more we take in, the more energy needed. This is also a reason why people who eat and sleep all day will gradually get fat. Therefore, try not to eat a lot if you want to save energy for your concentration on the road. And there are also foods that boost your alertness which include chia seeds, dark chocolate, and fruits. Even the foods have less effects on you than the others, consuming them as snacks can really help you wide awake.

Indian Curry

You need to consider what to it in order to get an alertness boost.

Additionally, some medications cause drowsiness, so you have to read the medicine leaflet carefully to know whether it has side effects like fatigue or not. Furthermore, none of us wants a stomachache or diarrhoea during our long trip which has limited rest stop, do we? Therefore, try to avoid eating fatty foods, drink gassy liquids, and take in alcohol.

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Pay attention to the time you travel

biological clock

You can train your body to stay awake at night, but this takes time and you need to sleep in the daytime.

Time is also a great matter that affects our consciousness because our biological clock is fixed and based regarding it. According to a normal biological clock, the time between midnight and 6 am is when natural alertness is at its minimum. Usually, no one would drive during that period of time except truck drivers. However, if you must press the gas pedal during the time, make sure you don’t face tired driving. If unfortunate, your eyes disobey your mind and start to close, drink a cup of coffee may help. Or you can try opening the car’s side windows to enjoy the fresh air when there is little pollution. Nevertheless, don’t force yourself to drive when you are too fatigued, or you will face unexpected incidents.

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