Are Window Rain Visors Really Useful?

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 18/01/2021
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Rain visors are some of the most reasonably priced aftermarket things you can use to personalize your vehicle. But do you actually need them though? We have this guide to help you.

Whenever a vehicle is very successful in a market, owners tend to go to the aftermarket to add things to make it more personalized. India has a varied and widespread aftermarket industry where you can get pretty much anything you want. One of the most common aftermarket accessories has been the rain visor. Also known as a wind deflector or rain guard, these are pieces of translucent or opaque plastic that is stuck over the top edge of the car windows. These come mainly in varied shades of black or chrome, though some feature more intricate graphics as well. 


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car window rain visor orange car

As its name suggests, the rain visor serves as an extended cover for the windows against various elements such the wind, sun, and of course, rain. Be it for aesthetic or practicality reasons, their use has become quite common, and now manufacturers themselves have started to offer them as an option. With a rain visor installed, the vehicle’s windows can be rolled down a couple of notches without rain entering the cabin, and is especially useful to defog the interior. The visor also somewhat reduces direct sunlight coming at you from the side. Though there are some questionable claims that these devices can help a vehicle’s aerodynamics, they do look appealing when paired with matching window tints.

Even though rain visors may look like a no-brainer accessory, there are some certain disadvantages as well. Usually, these visors are attached to a vehicle using only double-sided take, and constant exposure to the element wears down the glue, making it easy to fall off. This is particularly true for stick-on rain visors as sometimes they are shoddily fitted, and any of them can just fly off your vehicle while driving at highway speeds.


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Since rain visor usually come in a full set of four, you will have to purchase the entire set instead of a single to replace the runaway one. Also, rain visors are prone discolouration over a period of time as they soak up the sun’s ray, after which they start to look cheap and makes replacement needed. Rain visors are fairly cheap and useful as far as aftermarket accessories go, but whether they are a must-have for your vehicle it’s up to you to decide.

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