Kia Seltos Vs Tata Harrier Prices Specifications, Interior, Dimensions Comparison

by Mohammed Burman | 19/07/2019
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Our Kia Seltos Vs Tata Harrier Prices Specifications, Interior, Dimensions Comparison offers you a detailed comparison between the upcoming SUV and the latest Tata model to see which one is the better option for you.

The South Korean auto manufacturer recently unveiled its first product for the Indian auto market, the Kia Seltos, in June ahead of its official launch in August. Because the launch of the vehicle marks the first step of its auto manufacturer in India, Kia has left no stone unturned to make this SUV worth anticipating.

Once launched, the Seltos will have to compete against one of the most popular SUVs in India, the Tata Harrier. Can the upcoming Seltos with a fresh design, a wide range of features fare against the Tata Harrier which has established a great deal of respect and prestige for itself in India? We are sure that you can find the answer to this question after reading our detailed comparison between the Kia Seltos vs Tata Harrier below. You can also find the full reviews of the Tata Harrier and the Kia Seltos on IndianAuto.

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Kia Seltos Vs Tata Harrier Prices Specifications, Interior, Dimensions Comparison

Kia Seltos vs Tata Harrier Comparison of Exterior and Interior Design

As regards the exterior design, both SUVs has a pretty attractive appearance. While the Kia Seltos has a fresh and stylish design with angular lines all over the body, the Tata Harrier looks intimidating with a robust appearance.


Whereas the Seltos comes with a harmoniously styled Tiger Nose grille with elegantly chiselled chrome elements, the Harrier is equipped with a simple polishing all-black honeycomb mesh grille. The Kia Seltos features traditionally positioned LED headlights with LED DRLs and fog lights. Meanwhile, the Harrier’s illumination system is HID projector headlights with turn indicators.

2019 Kia Seltos vs Tata Harrier front angle

The Kia Seltos has a fresher and more stylish front than the Tata Harrier.

Side profile

As regards the side profile, while the Kia Seltos features a more traditional SUV, the Harrier has a muscular design, thanks to its lines. The Harrier is also given an advantage by its size with a 4,598 mm length and a 2,741 mm wheelbase, which certainly makes it bigger than its competitor. Although both of the two SUVs have 17-inch wheels, these wheels look smaller on the Harrier due to its bold stance. Moreover, the Seltos also has a much more outstanding and sharper alloy rim design. Whereas roof rails are available on the Kia Seltos, this feature is absent on the Tata Harrier. Finally, the two-tone paint scheme options are only offered on the Seltos.

2019 Kia Seltos vs Tata Harrier side profile

Despite the same size, the 17-inch wheel system on the Tata Harrier looks smaller than that on the Kia Seltos due to its body larger size.

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This is one aspect of the exterior design where the two SUVs have many things in common. Specifically, both the Seltos and the Harrier have polishing LED taillights and a spoiler which is mounted on the roof. Furthermore, both of the SUVs sport faux exhaust pipes on the pumper with a skid plate which is silver and black on the Seltos and on the Harrier, respectively.

Since the exterior design is a matter of personal preference, we would not want to give any conclusion on which one is the winner in this aspect. Instead, we would like to give one advice: If you prefer an SUV with a contemporary, fresh and angular design which would be outstanding from other vehicles on road, you should choose the Kia Seltos; on the other hand, if you want an SUV with a conventional and robust appearance, you should go for the Tata Harrier.

2019 Kia Seltos vs Tata Harrier rear

The rears of the two vehicles bear a strong resemblance to each other.

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Interior Design and Features Comparison

Both of the SUVs’ cabins are very well-equipped with so many top-notch features that for your convenience of reading, we have decided to compare the vehicles one by one instead of comparing each feature like the earlier section.

Firstly, as for the Kia Seltos interior, the SUV is equipped with some first-in-the-segment features such as a smart 8.0-inch heads-up display, a 2-step degree reclining rear seat,  LED sound mood lights and an ambient lighting system with eight mono-theme colours and six multi-theme colours. Moreover, the SUV also comes with a flat-bottom driving wheel, 60:40 split rear seat which gets adjustable central headrest. Having said that, the most outstanding feature is the HD touchscreen infotainment setup which measures up to 10.25-inch and supports Apple Carplay, Android Auto and a Bose Sound System with 8 speakers connectivity. An instrument cluster with a 7.0-inch colour display is also available on the upcoming Kia Seltos.

The SUV is equipped with Smart Pure Air purifier, which is also another segment-leading feature. Particularly, e-SIM UVO technologies with 37 features which can be classified into five categories, i.e. Remote Control, Convenience, Vehicle Management, Safety & Security and Navigation. These techs allow remote control, voice command, geo-fencing, etc.

2019 Kia Seltos interior

The Kia Seltos's modern cabin is equipped with a wide range of top-notch features along with cutting-edge technologies.

In the meanwhile, the Tata Harrier interior comes with high-quality material, which is reflected through the soft seat coverings and oak wood palette on the dashboard and grab handles. It is packed with numerous modern features including an 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment unit which also comes with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and reverse parking camera connectivity, but is certainly dwarfed by that on the Kia Seltos.

2019 Tata Harrier interior

The high-quality upholstery gives the Tata Harrier a premium feel.

Like the Seltos, the Harrier also sports a 7.0-inch screen for the instrument cluster. Nevertheless, there are no connectivity technologies like the UVO available on the Harrier. Other outstanding features inside the cabin of the Harrier include a multi-functioned steering wheel, an eight-way adjustable driver seat, rear air conditioner vents, etc.

2019 Tata Harrier interior dashboard

Despite being equipped with numerous interior features right from the base variant, the Tata Harrier still loses to the Kia Seltos in this comparison.

In this comparison, although the Tata Harrier is well-equipped right from the base variant, we would like to give the Kia Seltos a thumb up for its modern cabin with cutting-edge technologies.

Safety features

Both the SUVs can ensure both the driver and the passengers a safe journey with a wide range of safety features. The Kia Seltos offers six airbags, ABS, ESC, Vehicle Stability Management, Break Force Assist System, hill hold control and parking sensors in both the front and rear.

The Tata Harrier has established itself with great reliability and build quality. Underpinned by the OMEGA Arc platform, the car has a lighter weight and easier to be made from the high tensile materials, which greatly helps lowers the noise and vibration level. Furthermore, it is also equipped with multiple safety features with some most outstanding ones consisting of 6 airbags, ABS with EBD, ESC, hill holder, brake assist and mitigation control on the top-spec variant.

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Kia Seltos vs Tata Harrier Specifications Comparison


 Dimensions (mm)

Kia Seltos 

 Tata Harrier














 Ground Clearance








As can be seen in the table, the Kia Seltos measures less in all dimensions in comparison with the Tata Harrier. This is harmonious with the exterior design in which the former focuses more on elegance while the latter pays more attention to the size and robustness.

Engine and transmission

The Kia Seltos is expected to be powered by both petrol and diesel engine options. Nevertheless, the Tata Harrier keeps under its hood only a diesel unit. Therefore, we will only compare the diesel version of the two vehicles and provide the information on the two petrol versions of the Seltos in the latter part of this section for any of you who are interested.

While the Tata Harrier’s 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine can generate a maximum power of 138 HP against 350 Nm, the Kia Seltos’s 1.5-litre turbo oil burner can produce a maximum power/torque output of only 115 HP/ 250 Nm. However, the transmission options on the Kia Seltos is more diverse with a 6-speed MT and a 6-speed torque convertor than its competitor with only a 6-speed MT unit. In terms of the fuel mileage, the Kia Seltos far exceeds its competitor.

 Kia Seltos vs Tata Harrier diesel motors

 Kia Seltos

Tata Harrier 

 Engine Types

 1.5-litre turbo

 2.0-litre turbo

 Max Power

 138 HP

 115 HP

 Peak Torque

 350 Nm

 250 Nm


 6-speed MT/6-speed torque converter

 6-speed MT

 Fuel mileage (claimed)

 20.8 kmpl (MT)/17.8 kmpl (torque converter)  17.0 kmpl

Furthermore, as mentioned above the Kia Seltos will also be powered by two petrol motors: 1.5-litre naturally aspirated and 1.4-litre turbo petrol units which can generate 115 HP/144 Nm and 140 HP/242 Nm, respectively. While the former is coupled with 6-speed MT and CVT units, the latter is mated to a 6-speed MT and 7-speed DCT. While the claimed fuel mileage figures of the 1.5-litre unit is 16.4 kmpl and 16.3 kmpl, those of the 1.4-litre one are 16.1 kmpl and 16.2 kmpl for the two transmission options, respectively.

2019 Tata Harrier orange rear in action

The Tata Harrier, despite not coming with as many multiple engine and transmission as the Kia Seltos, far exceeds its competitor in terms of the power/torque output.

Generally, the Kia Seltos would be more suitable for people who prefer moderate power and the convenience of an AT unit. Meanwhile, the Tata Harrier is the better option for anyone who desires for a diesel-powered SUV and does not mind the absence of the automatic transmission.

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Kia Seltos vs Tata Harrier Prices Comparison 

While the Kia Seltos’s expected prices range from INR 11.0 lakh to INR 17.0 lakh, the Tata Harrier is priced in the range from INR 13.0 lakh to 16.76 lakh (all prices are ex-showroom). Both of the vehicles are aggressively priced, which give them a clear advantage over the other SUVs in India.


 Base Price

 Top Price

 Kia Seltos

 INR 11 lakh

 INR 17 lakh

 Tata Harrier

 INR 13 lakh

 INR 16.76 lakh

Above is a detailed comparison between the Kia Seltos vs the Tata Harrier. Overall, if you prefer an SUV with a fresh design, a super modern cabin as well as multiple engine and transmission options, the Kia Seltos is the better choice; nevertheless, if you desire for a robust SUV with a quite well-equipped cabin and a powerful motor, the Tata Harrier is the ideal option for you.

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