2020 Mahindra Thar Shows Off Its Off-Road Capabilities

by Jatin Chhibber | 24/08/2020
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The 2020 Mahindra Thar will be offered with a petrol as well as a diesel engine option. Compared to the first generation model, the new version promises to be a definite upgrade in all aspects

Mahindra & Mahindra revealed the second generation Thar on this year's Independence Day, and all the off-road enthusiasts around the country are now eagerly waiting for its launch, which is slated to be held on 2nd October 2020. Recently, the automaker has released a new video, which showcases the capabilities of the new model, both on and off the road. This video has been uploaded by the official YouTube channel of Mahindra Thar. The video starts by showing a few cinematic shots of the new SUV, which go on to show both exterior and interior styling of the 2020 Mahindra Thar. Afterwards, the driver starts the engine and starts driving the car.


Here's What the New Mahindra Thar Looks Like with 'Jeep' Grille

The right side wheels of the car were parked on wet tarmac, while the left side was parked on the dry tarmac. Here, one can see that the brake locking differential of the SUV work pretty hard to offer maximum grip to the SUV. Next, the SUV can be seen performing a slalom test, which demonstrates its on-road handling abilities. Then the video highlights the engine options of the new 2020 Mahindra Thar- a 2.0-litre mStallion gasoline mill and a 2.0-litre mHawk diesel motor. The transmission duties are done by a manual or an automatic gearbox. Afterwards, the video shows the test of the braking system, which is done on the waterlogged patch of the test track. It clearly shows how good the ABS and ESP works in such slippery conditions.

Side-look-of- Mahindra-Thar


New-Gen Mahindra Thar AX VS LX Trims

The all-new Mahindra Thar has a break-over angle of 27 degrees, an approach angle of 41.8 degrees, and departure angle of 36.8 degree, which makes the SUV capable enough to effortlessly climb down a steep embankment. After that, the off-roader goes into a small stream, where it's 650 mm water wading capability helps it through. Then the video shows some impressive off-road capabilities of the SUV, including some amazing jumps, which shows how amazingly the suspension system and chassis of the new-gen Thar have been tuned. Mahindra has also added features like hill-climb assist and hill-descent control in the 2020 Mahindra Thar.

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