Here's a Look at Arijit Singh's Car Collection

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 05/12/2019
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Arjit Singh owns a few cars and they are quite flashy! Are you wondering what are those? Read more to know what all cars Arijit Singh owns.

Music is an art form, and one of the most popular and respected ones at that. In the world of music, Arjit Singh is perhaps one of the best performers of our generation, with little doubt as to why. Just listen to any of his songs, and you'll instantly be transported inside his music videos, feeling every emotion he wishes you to feel. With fame comes money, but the moolah hasn't made him any less humble. Growing up, Arjit Singh was a Bengali boy form a small town of Murshidabad, where he had already tasted success in his career. Even though the man loves to keep a low-profile fashion, the same is not the case for his wheels. The singer has some flashy cars parked in his garage, but which cars? Hold on patrons, even we are excited! So here’s a list of all the models in Arijit Singh car collection

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Range Rover Vogue

Cars Owned By Arjit Singh – Range Rover Vogue

The first car is our list of cars owned by Arijit Singh is the Range Rover Vogue. The Vogue is often termed as a sofa on wheels that can be driven on any terrain. The British SUV brand is known for its offroading prowess and cult following among the riches. And for the same reasons, Range Rover is taking a massive space in Arjit Singh’s garage and the list of cars owned by Arjit Singh. We said massive because the singer has a full-size Range Rover Vogue. The Range Rover is the flagship offering the British manufacturer and is offered with 3 different engine options and 2 different wheelbase variants to choose from. The 3-engine choices available are: a 3.5L V6 diesel producing 190kW, a 4.4L V8 diesel producing 250kW, and a 5.0L V8 supercharged petrol producing 416kW. With such powerful engine options and car topped up with luxury to highest levels, the price tag for this luxury behemoth ranges between a starting price of 1.81 Crores and goes all the way up to 4.05 Crores.

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Hummer H3

Cars Owned By Arjit Singh – Hummer H3

The second on the list of cars owned by Arjit Singh is a Hummer, an H3 here. Hummer is a reputed brand across the world and celebrities even after the plugs were pulled on the brand itself back in 2007. Hummer was initially developed as a military vehicle for U.S. Army. But with demand, the brand started developing cars for civilian use and kick-started the process with the H1. In later stages, Hummer introduced H2 and then went to launching the smallest Hummer ever, the H3. Being the smallest car sold under the Hummer brand, H3 is not small by any means. Underpinned by a platform form Chevrolet Colorado, H3 is 4.8metres long, 1.9 meters wide and 1.8 meters tall. However, Hummers were never sold officially in the country and all examples brought in here were brought as private imports. And if the price is to be considered, a neat example of an H3 would cost anywhere around Rs. 70 lakhs.

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Mercedes Benz E-Class

Cars Owned By Arjit Singh – Mercedes Benz E-Class

Perhaps the most luxurious cars owned by Arjit Singh is a Mercedes E-Class. Celebrities and Mercedes-Benz have an old relation between themselves since ages. Almost every celebrity has one Mercedes-Benz car parked in their garage, that’s the level of cult following the brand has earned for itself here in the country. This Mercedes-Benz car owned by Arjit Singh is one of the best luxury cars in India, well worthy of the three-point star on the bonnet. The one owned by Arjit Singh is the last-generation of the car. Now Mercedes Benz has given the car a generation change and this time it came as a long-wheelbase option only. Currently, E-class is offered with 4 different engine options to choose from, and that list comprises of a 2.0L diesel, a 2.0L petrol, a 3.0L V6 diesel, and an AMG spec 4.0L V8. And prices for the current-gen W-213 E-Class starts at Rs. 57.50 lakhs and goes up to Rs. 1.50 Crores for the AMG trim.

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Arjit Singh is a renowned singer of Bollywood but he has never gained limelight for the cars he owns, even though he has some pretty flashy set of wheels. Now that you know what all cars are owned by Arjit Singh, what is your opinion about the singer's taste in automobiles?

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