8 easy hacks to keep your car interior clean

by IndianAuto Team | 07/06/2018
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With these 8 easy hacks, you can have your car neat and tidy all the time.

A car is like a moving house on the road. A clean house will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Similarly, keeping a car neat will create a pleasing space inside your car, hence a good mood for driving. Here are some useful tips from IndianAuto team on how to keep your car interior clean.

1. Utilize organizers to store stuff

The car is not only a means for you to travel places but also a vehicle for transporting things, in other words, your car is frequently loaded with stuff. If you could not find out a sensible method to organize things, your car interior would be a complete mess. The easiest way to make your car clutter-free is to utilize organizer accessories. These small tools could help you smartly reorganize the space.

You can also make use of hanging shoes rack and put it on the back of the front seats. It will create a lot of storage for organizing things.

using Organizers to keep car interior clean

Organizers enable smart storage space inside the car

2. Clean the mats and car floor

The car floor is one of the dirtiest parts of the car interior. Cleaning the floor is the first steps to keep your car interior clean. All the dust and trash fall down and end up on the car mat or floor; therefore, it needs to be cleaned more frequently than usual.

For the mats, you can take them off and shake until all the dust fall. If it is not enough to get it tidy, you can seek help from a brush or detergent. The car floor could be instantly cleaned by a vacuum cleaner.

How to clean car mats with a brush and detergent

3. Use vacuum cleaner

A car vacuum is one of the must-have accessories for your car. You can have a quick cleaning session with the help of a handy vacuum at any time you want. However, keep in mind that to really clean out all the grimes, vacuuming alone is not enough. You still need further steps to achieve a more comprehensive cleaning. 

keep interior clean with vacuum cleaner

Use a vacuum cleaner for quick cleaning

4. Keep a pack of wipes

Just like the vacuum, a pack of wipes is also a helpful assistant that you should always keep in your car. They are effective in clearing up all the dust and dirt on the dashboard, leather seat, and so on. You can clean most of the interior materials by just using wet wipes. They provide an effortless way of cleaning as well as an affordable one.

keep car interior clean with wipes

Remove dirt and dust easily with wipes

5. Use a toothbrush to clean the nooks and dirt-caked surface

Inside the cabin, there would be nooks and small crevices where the vacuum or the wiper could not reach to, for example, the air vent or console center. With the air vent, you can use compressed air to blow away all the dust.

Cleaning a dirty console center could be a daunting job that you would rarely take in. Scrubbing with a toothbrush will make this task painless.

keep car interior clean with tooth brush

A small toothbrush comes handy as a car cleaner tool.

6. Keep a trash bag in your car

Leaving trashes inside the car makes the car interior look messy and moreover, it could be a potential threat, for example, can or bottles could roll under the brakes and make the driver unable to hit it. The simplest way to get your car trash-free all the time is to keep a small trash bag or trash can inside. Make a rule for everyone to throw the trash into this bag instead of tucking it anywhere they please.

keep car interior clean with a trash bag

Always keep a trash bag inside the car

7. Create a homemade mixture to clean car windows

The mixture of vinegar and alcohol could effectively erase the stubborn stains on the car window that normal wipers could not help. The simple recipe for the homemade cleaner includes a cup of water, one and a half cup of vinegar, and a quarter of alcohol. Mix all of these liquids in a spray bottle. Now you can easily posh the window with this recipe.

cleaning car window with homade mixutre

Clean car window with vinegar and alcohol

8. Remain a good smell inside the car

You could not feel the cleanness of the car if odor still lingers inside the cabin. Products for eliminating car odor are effective at bringing an instant fresh smell. Besides, for a cheaper cost, you can create a mixture of baking soda and essential oil to spray on the carpet.

To maintain a good smell for your car, you can keep a deodorizer inside. If deodorizer could not do the trick to your nose, you can keep a box of charcoal or lump under the car seat. Lump and charcoal could absorb odor and keep a fresh smell.

keep the interior clean with charcoal

Use charcoal to keep an odourless air inside the car

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