How To Clean Car Interior To Demolish Coronavirus

by IndianAuto Team | 27/03/2020
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Coronavirus may exist everywhere including inside your car. Read this article to discover how to clean the car interior to demolish the virus.

The COVID-19 has laid a burden on not only health staff, but also all the citizens over the globe. Winter has gone and the climate in countries like India is getting warmer, which is a positive sign showing that the coronavirus will be less active. However, Indian people should continue to correctly follow protective measures against the SARS-CoV-2, especially those who have to be outside and drive-through places. Because the virus can last on surfaces like cars for up to 9 days, there’s a great chance that a driver gets infected by touching exterior and interior door handles. The ambient virus can somehow stick onto a car’s surface, so when a person gets in his car never means he is totally safe from the virus. Therefore, cleaning the car properly to deal with the pandemic is highly recommended. MG Motors has also taken some preventive measures in delivering the Hector and the ZS EV in a special way to customers' homes by covering and cleaning the interior of the cars. The article explains to you the most effective ways to clean car interior and exterior to properly demolish the Coronavirus

health agent is checking a driver's health

Driving in a car doesn't make anyone safe from the deadly Coronavirus.

Expensive car cleaners are not always the best method

To ensure a vehicle’s hygiene, many drivers buy costly cleaners that are advertised with outstanding cleaning ability. However, what kills the coronavirus is not expensive cleansing liquids. Instead, it was proven by scientists decades ago that the only useful method to eliminate viruses and bacteria is to use liquids that contain soluble solvent that can scatter their shells.

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What are those magical solvents that can kill the coronavirus?

The magical chemical substances are very easy to find around us. They are soap mixed with water and alcohol.

How soap and sanitizer can annihilate the Coronavirus.

Actually, any kind of soaps and shampoos have the ability to annihilate the Coronavirus. Scientists stated that washing your hands with all kinds of soap (cheap soaps, peppermint soaps, or extremely luxury soaps) will dissolve the coating of coronavirus, which is formed by proteins and fat, into the water. What if you clean your hands with merely water? Just like how oil separates from water, the water will flow through the coating of whichever viruses and bacteria on your hands. Nevertheless, when the coating is removed, all left is the harmless and leftovers of the virus, and soon, they will be rinsed off. Bang! The deadly coronavirus is totally demolished by just a soap! Despite having the ultimate killing ability over the coronavirus, there’s a requirement to get the soap-water method effective. Remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds to fully dissolve coronavirus.

What about alcohol? Obviously, no one will tell you to pour tons of alcohol to get rid of the virus. However, using alcohol-based sanitizer (60% or more of alcohol) will have the same but slightly less effectiveness as using soaps. So, if you want to kill the virus on your car, 2 options are available: soap-water and alcohol-based sanitizer.

Let’s sanitize your car!

First and foremost, sanitize yourself and don’t touch your face when you clean the car! Then, before applying soaps and alcohol-based sanitizers to any part of your car, remember to make sure there isn’t any dust or stains left because dirty cars are indeed hard to disinfect. Besides, remember the rule of using microfibre cloths for cleaning to minimize scratches on your car.

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Free your exterior from the stubborn SARS-CoV-2

Clean car exterior

Soap is the ultimate killer of the Coronavirus.

The exterior’s hygiene is as important as the interior, so we will briefly introduce you to some simple DIY steps. As stated above, you need to make sure all the dirt comes off your vehicle. Therefore, grab a high-pressure water pipe and shoot down every visible dirt. There are many ways to clean your car’s exterior; you can do it with a bucket of soapy water (remember to choose the right soap for cars). Keep in mind that you don’t have to carefully clean all the parts of the vehicle. Instead, focus on the frequently touched surfaces like the door handles and windows. Leave the liquids there for at least 20 seconds then rinse it off.

*In case you may want to use an alcohol-based sanitizer, make sure there’s no painting on your car's cover because it may wear out the colour.

Clean car interior with the simplest steps

Now, come to the most important part of purifying your car from the evil coronavirus, to clean car interior. It is so crucial because all the drivers and passengers are likely to touch a lot of things inside a car; if the car is “infected”, bad things happen. Another thing to remember, you can use either soap or specific car cleaners that are labeled with germs/bacteria neutralising ability.

Cleaning car interior with gloves

Wearing clothes while cleaning is highly recommended.

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Firstly, grab a vacuum cleaner and suck up all the dust or little trash to start an easy cleaning.

Secondly, clean your car’s upholstery:

  1. For fabric seats, you can easily apply soapy water or alcohol-based sanitizer for cleaning, but the former method is always more advisable. After spraying several thin layers of mild soapy water (or cleaners that can kill viruses) on the car seat and rub a little if you want. After leaving it for at least 20 seconds. rinse the mixture off with a damp microfibre cloth.

  2. For leather seats, you can apply the method used to clean fabric seats, but remember that leathers are prone to discolour when cleaning and rubbing. Therefore, apply conditioners to the leather seats after finishing the cleaning process.

clean car steering wheel

Focus on cleaning the frequently touched surfaces.

Thirdly, dam a cloth within mild soapy water or an alcohol-based sanitizer and clean the rest of your car interior for 20 seconds or more then rinse with warm water. Focus on the most frequently touched surfaces such as the knobs, buttons, door handles, grab handles, hand brake, steering wheels sun visors, seat adjustment levers, seat belt buckles and dashboard.

Lastly, you need to thoroughly clean the AC systems because that’s where the viruses may be stuck in most. If you’re confident enough to do it yourself, grab a disinfectant and follow our guide: Clean the Air Vent A-Z. However, if things turn out too difficult for you or you’re afraid that there might be some viruses left, bring your car to a professional.

alcohol wipes

Having such disinfecting wipes can help cleaning whenever somebody touches a part of your car.

Let’s brief all things!

It is good that people follow exactly protective measures; however, drivers may forget that their car may also be a contagious matter. Therefore, it is crucial to sanitize your car, especially, you should focus on cleaning car interior because it’s where people often lay their hands on. Soapy water and alcohol-based sanitizers are the best methods to fight off the coronavirus. However, remember that applying the solvents excessively may cause your interior to wear out faster, so apply enough. These are some sipmple tips on how to clean car interior and exterior that IndianAuto could deliver to you. We hope that during the outbreak of COVID-19, people will strictly follow official instructions to overwhelm it. For now, stay tuned and check for other interesting and useful tips on our website.

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