Car Logos With Animals - How Many Of Them Do You Know?

by Mohammed Burman | 21/08/2020
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Animals are one of the most popular features in logos of car companies. This article is going to provide you with a list of car logos with animals. Read on to discover.

Animals are one of the most popular features in car companies’ logos. Many major auto manufacturers such as Peugeot, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc. use animals in their logos. Do you remember our series of car logos with animals: snake, horse and lion?

In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of car logos with animals which are divided into each animal falling into one session followed by the further discussion of the more popular ones. The number of these car logos is so large that we have no choice but to focus on only one logo of one car company in each session.

Car Logos With Horse

The horse is one of the most popular animals that are featured in car company logos, thanks to its speed, agility, and strength. The companies that have car logos with horse include Ferrari, Porsche, Ford Mustang, Carlsson, Kamaz, Baojubn, Eicher, IKCO, Pegaso, and Corre La Licorne. Here, we would like to discuss the Ferrari logo a little bit more.

ferrari logo

Being an Italian automaker in the Formula One World Championship, Ferrari is involved in high-performance racing cars, luxury sports cars and supercars. Ferrari logo has an interesting story. The Italian fighter ace, Francesco Baracca, painted a black prancing horse onto his plane’s fuselage. He was a national hero who had recorded 34 kills and was killed in 1918.

In 1923, Ferrari’s founder, Enzo Ferrari, met Baracca’s parents. His mother told Ferrari to paint the black prancing horse onto his car in the hope that this would bring him good luck. Ferrari did accordingly and also added the yellow colour which is the colour of Modena, his birthplace.


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Car Logos With Lion

The lion is also another popular feature in car logos with animals, thanks to its leadership, courage, and strength, all of which are what all the auto companies always strive to achieve. The lion has also been one of the most popular symbols of royalty and power. The brands that have car logos with lions consist of Peugeot, Holden, Proton, Roewe, MAN, Büssing, and INKAS.

peugeot logo

Being a French automaker, Peugeot is owned by Groupe PSA. The Peugeot logo originally featured a lion walking on an arrow, which represents Peugeot cars’ speed, flexibility and strength. The current version of the logo also features a lion which symbolizes the cars’ sharpness and strength through the lion's sharp jagged teeth. After that, a blue square is complemented as the surroundings for the lion white lion shadow and Peugeot name.


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Car Logos With Leopard and Jaguar

A large white spotted feline Jaguar is always a symbol of power, strength, and speed. The car logos with Leopard/Jaguar belongs to the car companies: Jaguar, 9ff, HSV, Cizeta, and Spirra.

jaguar logo

Being a division of Jaguar Land Rover which is owned by Tata Motors, Jaguar occupies both the luxury and performance markets. The newest Jaguar famous car logo which was introduced in 2012 features black, metallic grey and silver colours. Since the logo is a tridimensional figure, gradient colours are utilized to highlight the shades, making the Jaguar posture look animate and bold.

Jaguar car logo usually features the colours of black, metallic grey, and golden. The black colour represents high performance, integrity, and elegance; the silver and metallic grey colours illustrate modernity, perfection and sophistication. The emblem on the grille had red elements on several models to highlight the passion and performance.


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Car Logos With Snake

Snakes symbolize a creative life force and fertility. Snakes experienced sloughing to shed their skin so they symbolize transformation, rebirth, immortality, and rebirth. As a result, many automakers choose snakes as a feature for their logo with the hope that this will help them achieve an endless life. Among the car companies that have logos with snake such as Alfa Romeo, Dodge Viper, Mustang Shelby, and Zarooq Motors, the most popular one may be the first one, Alfa Romeo.

alfa romeo logo

Alfa Romeo is well-known for sports cars which have participated in car racing since 1911. Alfa Romeo logo consists of a round shape which surrounds a heraldic red cross on the left and a large snake eating a man on the right and an “ALFA ROMEO” lettering at the top of the circle. The most widely accepted reason which explains the man being eaten by the snake is that it represents a Saracen or Moor (a Muslim) being defeated in the Christian Crusades.


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Car Logos With Bull & Buffalo

The car logos which feature a bull include those of Lamborghini, Tauro Sport Auto and Kaiser with the first one possibly being the most popular. Lamborghini is an Italian luxury sports cars automaker. The Lamborghini logo features a shield with a black background which is outlined with gold. The “Lamborghini” lettering is positioned in the top of the shield and above a golden bull.

lamborghini logo

Ferruccio Lamborghini, the company’s founder was born in Taurus and he had a passion for bullfighting. Therefore, the bull was believed to be the perfect feature to be on the company’s logo. Moreover, bull also represents speed, prestige, and power, which are all the attributes of Lamborghini sports cars. Nowadays, the Lamborghini logo symbolizes speed, power, beauty, luxury, wealth, and status of the car company.

Above is a compilation of auto brands that have car logos with animals. Do you know any other brands like these? Do not hesitate to write to us to share your ideas.

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