Humble Cars of Devendra Fadnavis And His Wife

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 23/11/2019
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Ever thought what does Devendra Fadnavis, the CM of Maharashtra, drive? Here's a list of all the cars that Devendra Fadnavis and his wife own.

After a long fight between the political parties to form government in the state of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis took the oath as chief minister of the state. However, this is the second time that Mr. Fadnavis took oath as chief minister of the state. We, at, aren't really fascinated by Indian politics. Instead, we love knowing about what our politicians drive. and we think, so does our democratic population. So, this time we have the list of cars owned by Devendra Fadnavis and his wife. To our surprise, the collection of these cars is quite humble, as humble as the CM himself! Read ahead to know about the cars of Devendra Fadnavis and his wife.

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Humble Cars of Devendra Fadnavis And His Wife

Cars of Devendra Fadnavis And His Wife – Tata Safari Dicor

In our list of cars of Devendra Fadnavis and his wife, the first entry is our very own indigenous SUV, Tata Safari Dicor. Tata Safari was introduced in the Indian market for the first time in the year 1998 as Tata Safari without the Dicor suffix. During that time, owning a Tata Safari meant that you have attained the financial stability that everyone is waiting for. But the real reason that Safari grew popular around the Indian audience was the comfort and space it offered. Then in 2007, the SUV gained itself a facelift and the Dicor badge. It received a major update in the year 2012 in addition to the Storme moniker. However, what Mr Fadnavis owns is the MY-2007 Safari Dicor.

Humble Cars of Devendra Fadnavis And His Wife

The MY-2007 Tata Safari Dicor was powered by a 2.2L diesel engine which was based on 2.2L engine developed for PSA by the Austrian engine manufacturer, AVL. With a 16-valve layout on the head and assistance of direct injection, Safari had 140ps and 320Nm under its hood to propel this 4.5 meter long and 2-tonne SUV. Also, Safari was equipped with a proper 4X4 layout with a low-range transfer box and a limited-slip differential. Though Safari had a powerful motor under its shell, it was unreliable. One owned by the CM was not any different either, as it stopped during a rally in Nagpur and the man himself was seen pushing it around with his staff.

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And back in 2007, when cars used to come with a bare-bone kit, Safari had a long feature list, which included features such as reverse parking camera, all-four power windows, remote central locking, shift-on-fly 4wd, and electronically adjustable ORVMs. Now that the Dicor is replaced with the Storme, Safari has got itself a set of features incremented on the list. But the sad part to the story is that Tata would be discontinuing the Safari by April 2020, when BS-6 norms will kick in.

Humble Cars of Devendra Fadnavis And His Wife – Honda City iVtec

Humble Cars of Devendra Fadnavis And His Wife - Tata Safari Dicor and Honda City

The next and last car on our list of humble cars of Devendra Fadnavis And His Wife is a Honda City, which is a posher, comfier, and a much more reliable set of wheels in comparison to Tata Safari Dicor. However, this reliable machine belongs to Amruta Fadnavis, strengthening the fact that women make a better choice sometimes. Sorry for a bad joke, but it is actually the case here. The Honda City owned by the wife of Maharastra state’s CM is the 3rd generation of the car, which was introduced to the Indian market in the year 2008. Now, the City is in its 4th generation and is one of the best-selling C-segment sedans as it is backed up by Honda’s bulletproof reliability class-leading space on the inside. However, Honda is all set to give the City a generation change and will be unveiling the next-gen Honda City on November 25.

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With these 2 cars, we end up our list of humble cars of Devendra Fadnavis and his wife. And as we said earlier that the list of cars is humble as the minister owns just 2 cars, which is a good move. But since the cars, which Mr Fadnavis and his family owns are now turning old, we wish to see them getting replaced by some eco-friendly set of wheels. Since adding cars like Hyundai Kona, Honda Accord Hybrid, or Toyota Camry would make it a greener affair.

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