Ford Endeavour vs Mahindra Scorpio in Drag Race

by Vivaan Khatri | 28/01/2021
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What if the full-size SUV Ford Endeavour take on the Mahindra Scorpio in a drag race? Who will be the winner? Let's see the answer in this video.

Mahindra has always been known for making offroad-competent SUVs. One of these vehicles is the Mahindra Scorpio. First launched in 2012, Mahindra Scorpio quickly became one of the most popular vehicles produced by Mahindra. Due to its tough build and outstanding offroad capability, the car is a popular choice among buyers in both urban and rural areas, who want a rugged and offroad-competent SUV. Positioned in the full-sized SUV space, Ford Endeavour is rivalling against the likes of Toyota Fortuner, Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace and MG Gloster. This full-size SUV also gains recognition for being a capable offroad SUV. Mahindra Scorpio and Toyota Fortuner are not even in the same segment since the Endeavour costs much more than the Scorpio. Even though these two SUVs are not directly competing with each other in the market, we will examine how these two compete in a drag race in the following video uploaded on Arun Panwar Youtube channel.


At the beginning of the video, the vlogger has shared the specifications of each car. Mahindra Scorpio participated in the drag race is powered by a 2.2-litre turbocharged mHawk diesel engine that is powerful enough to put out 140 BHP of maximum power and 320 Nm of peak torque. It is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. The Endeavour is a pre-facelift model which is powered by a 3.2-litre turbo diesel engine. This engine belts out a top power of 197 BHP and a maximum torque of 470 Nm. Unlike the Scorpio, the Ford Endeavour gets an automatic transmission.


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In this drag race, there are four rounds. To be fair, the drivers switch cars every two rounds. In the first round, both cars have a pretty smooth start. However, the Endeavour quickly builds up speed and get ahead of the Scorpio in seconds. It seems that the Scorpio has to pull hard to keep up with the Endeavour. Ford Endeavour finishes first.

ford-endeavour-vs-mahindra-scorpio drag race

Entering the second round, the Endeavour lags behind when the race starts. Due to this issue, the Scorpio has an advantage and tightly wins the race. In the third and fourth rounds, the drivers swap cars. In the third race, the Scorpio continues to take the lead at the beginning. However, as the Endeavour regains its confidence and swiftly propels forward, Scorpio drops back in the end. The fourth round ends up with the same result.


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Winning three out of four rounds, Ford Endeavour is the final winner of the drag race. If it was not for the small issues on the second round, the full-size SUV could have easily won all round. Ford Endeavour could win the race hand down mostly thanks to its superior power outputs. The Scorpio, on the other hand, has an advantage of lighter weight due to its smaller size, which allows the SUV to have good starts. However, later on, its lack of power shows and holds it back. We should also take into consideration that there is a big price gap between the two SUVs. It comes as no surprise that the Endeavour can easily win the race.

Mahindra is currently working on developing the new-gen Mahindra Scorpio which is expected to enter the market this year. Ahead of the launch, the upcoming Scorpio was spotted during testing for a few times. It will come with both petrol and diesel engines along with manual and automatic gearbox options. In addition, Mahindra will also reintroduce a 4x4 drive system in the next-gen Scorpio.

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