Forget Luxury Cars, This Actress Drives Around In An Auto Rickshaw

by Kshitij Rawat | 03/09/2019
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While celebrities love to drive around in their fancy luxury cars, this actress has defied the norm by driving around in an Autorickshaw

For many young people, owning a car is a style-statement, especially in bigger cities. While it remains a dream to be fulfilled for many, this lady has totally different aspirations. Yashashri Masukar, a prominent TV actress, has decided to do away with her car in favour of an autorickshaw.

Yashashri, who has played roles in shows like “Rang Badalti Odhani” and “Chandragupta Maurya”, has picked up an Autorickshaw as her daily driver. Even her Instagram handle, “TukTukRani” is appropriate for her unconventional choice of vehicle. According to her, she got the idea from a friend, Kristian, who came from Denmark to India for a visit on a, well, bicycle. It was he who bought the autorickshaw for a visit to the Taj Mahal. When he left home for Denmark a few months later, he gifted it to Yashashri, who has

The actress had bought the autorickshaw last year, and has been using it as her daily commuter ever since. The auto is painted blue on the outside, and runs on white number plates, just like any privately-owned passenger vehicle. Yashashri also states that she drives alone in her autorickshaw, and turns down all requests for rides from people on the road. You can check out her Instagram profile for pictures of her and her blue Auto.

Yashashri Masukar, aka TukTukRani driving in her blue Autorickshaw

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In an interview with TOI, Yashashri said that she felt liberated and empowered doing something different in a male-dominated society. Initially, people were confused by her choice of vehicle, sometimes mistaking her for a real rickshaw driver! She recalled having been turned away by pedestrians while approaching them to asking for directions, and she has also had to endure the stares of other autorickshaw drivers, who mistook her for competition. Now, however, she states that things are better, and she isn’t bothered much by such issues.

Yashashri further stated that driving around in an autorickshaw save both money and time. Earlier she had a car and a driver to ferry her around, but she ever learned how to drive herself. This meant that she had to be dependent on the driver, and on days when he took an off, she would be left stranded. Her rickshaw is much easier to drive, giving her total control.

Yashashri Masukar Tuktukrani poses with her autorickhaw

While the autorickshaws are one of the most iconic form of transport in India, RTOs have stopped registering them for private use a few ago. Still, after obtaining an NOC from the owner, you can choose to use one for personal transport. Yashashri also stated that she used to be stopped by cops a lot at first, but now everything is fine.

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