Haryana DGP Car Fined After a Twitter Complaint Brings Violation to Light

by Mohammed Burman | 17/08/2019
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Recently, a car registered under DGP office name which violated some traffic rules has been shot by a social media user. The photo has been posted on Twitter with some complaints, due to which the car has been fined.

Everyone who commits a traffic offence will be fined, VIPs are not an exception. Challans have been issued to even dignitaries who violate traffic regulations. Some of the cases are reported by social networks users while some of the others have been caught by traffic cameras equipped across cities now. The latest one is of Manoj Yadava, Haryana’s director general of police (DGP). Specifically, a car registered under DGP office which committed some traffic offences was caught by a social network user. He took a photograph of this car and posted it on Twitter along with some complaints. Firstly, let’s have a look at this post.

The white Maruti Ciaz registered under DGP name has been fined.

According to the post, the car is a Maruti Ciaz which comes with a white paint scheme. The photo was taken by Gaurav Goel, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) Chandigarh president, at about 11.50 am on Thursday. The photo reveals that the car’s windows are tinted which breaks the traffic rules. Moreover, as per the tweet, the driver and the co-passenger were not wearing the seatbelts.

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Although the car was said to be owned by an IPS officer of Haryana police, the DGP later explained that he was not personally using the car but he would consider the case and the official who was using the car at that time will be punished. DGP Manoj Yadava stated,

“Every vehicle used by Haryana police officials is registered under the office of the DGP. We will find out who was driving this vehicle. The officer in question will be pulled up and will be made to pay the fine out of his own pocket.”

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The traffic police also responded very quickly, issuing a TVIS postal fine to the to DGP’s office at Sector 4 Panchkula right on Thursday with a fine of INR 1,000. Since the driver and the co-passenger were not visible in the photo, only a fine for the tinted windows was sent. They added,

“No net or film to darken the mirrors can be put up in the car. It is a violation and a challan under section 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act is issued. ”

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This action was banned some years ago by the Supreme Court for security concerns but even today, several cars are sometimes spotted wearing them.

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