JCB 3DX Completely Destroys A Maruti 800 [Video]

by IndianAuto Team | 01/05/2019
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Recently, a video which shows a test in which a JCB 3DX totally destroys a Maruti 800 has been released on the Internet. Read on to discover what happened.

Being one of the most popular earth moving vehicles in India, JCB bulldozers seem to be common sights on Indian construction sites. The vehicles are so powerful that they can effortlessly smash a car into pieces after just a few minutes. For any of you who are still suspicious about the strength of this vehicle, please watch this video which is uploaded by Blade XYZ  first before coming to the details.

In a test, a JCB 3DX completely destroys a Maruti 800.

The video features a JCB 3DX and an iconic vehicle in India, the small Maruti 800. As per the video, the former dominates the latter both in terms of size and power. As regards the size comparison, the Maruti 800 is just slightly larger than the rear tyre of the JCB 3DX. As regards the power comparison, just the fact that the JCB 3DX is the most popular earth mover to be produced by JCB in India has indicated the result.

The video displays the JCB 3DX impose a wrath on the Maruti 800. Firstly, the earth mover is positioned in front of the Maruti 800 with its backhoe facing the small hatchback. The car gives in right away after the first attack on the roof from the backhoe. Then the Maruti 800 was destroyed step by step with violent attacks in the front and the rear from the brutal vehicle. In the middle of the video, the teeth of the backhoe bucket are positioned on the bonnet of the hatchback, creating an interesting dance, which clearly shows the power of the bulldozer. After that, the JCB 3DX does not set the Maruti 800 free. The latter was torn into two halves with both of the two halves being severely damaged. Then Maruti 800 continues to receive devastating blows from the cruel bulldozer until it is broken into pieces. 

maruti 800 smashed by jcb 3dx

The Maruti 800 is smashed in the middle before coming into two parts of pieces.

Cars usually get disposed of by being smashed into pieces in many countries in the world. Nevertheless, this job is done with special machines instead of an earth mover. These specialized machines break the disposed cars and motorbikes into pieces which are then melted and recycled to be reused again. However, in India, no proper system by which a vehicle can get destroyed and recycled is available.

On the other hand, these earth moving vehicles are specifically used for heavy tasks like carrying heavy loads, digging, excavating, etc. The JCB 3DX bulldozer, which is equipped with a backhoe is a practical and powerful vehicle, perfectly suits these abovementioned duties.

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