Mahindra Bolero 'Jura' Has A Sunroof And Many Other Premium Bits

by Vivaan Khatri | 29/05/2020
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Named after a mountain range of the Alps, this modified Mahindra Bolero carries many updates for its exterior as well as the interior

It is common to see a modified Mahindra Bolero with enhanced off-road styling and capability. But the modified Bolero below is a different beast.

Mahindra Bolero 'Jura' Has A Sunroof And Many Other Premium Bits

Mahindra Bolero is one of the oldest UV nameplates in the Indian market. It attracts a huge following in both urban area and in the rural parts. The Bolero has remained relevant to the automotive market mainly because of its outstanding off-road capability along with its reliability. This car is popular not only among the regular car users but also in the custom car circuit.

modified mahindra bolero three quarter front end

Named after a mountain renge of the Alps, this modified Mahindra Bolero 'Jura' has been updated from inside out 

There has been a large number of Bolero UVs that have been modified previously. Most of the examples of a modified Mahindra Bolero that we have come across are the ones that have become more rugged and off-road friendly. However, this strategy was not applied to modify the Bolero seen above. The modified UV has received a makeover that turns this iconic rugged UV into a premium-looking vehicle.


This Is A Really Impressively Modified Off-Road Mahindra Bolero

Unlike some modified cars out there, this customized Mahindra Bolero does not receive an exotic or extravagant modification. In fact, the makeover is delivered in a controlled manner while it still looks unique and well-executed. The modification job has been carried out on both the exterior and interior.

Exterior-wise, the Mahindra Bolero receives new headlamps with LED DRLs. The grille was redesigned, and now looks different from the original version. The bumper has been revised with a new faux skid plate underneath. Moreover, the front-end of the Mahindra Bolero has been widened to match the new fender. To enhance the look of the fascia, the bonnet gets a dominant hood scoop.

modified mahindra bolero side profile

Mahindra Bolero Jura receives new wheels for the side profile

In the side profile, one of the highlights of the updates is the new set of chrome-plated steel wheel wrapped in 16-inch tyres. Compared to the stock model, the modified Bolero features a higher stance. The new wing mirrors seem to have taken inspiration from the Mercedes G-Class. It is hard not to notice the after-market fender exentensions added above the wheel arches to give the Bolero a couple of additional inches in width.

modified mahindra bolero three quarter rear end

The rear end is also comprehensively revised

To the rear-end, the spare wheel, which was originally located slightly to the right side, has been moved to the centre. The vehicle registration place is now placed on the space wheel. New LED lights and reflectors have been added to the rear while the bumper has been updated with a faux skid plate. An aftermarket performance exhaust has also been installed.

modified mahindra bolero interior dashboard

The interior of the Mahindra Bolera Jura adopts a new premium look

Coming to the interior of the modified Mahindra Bolero, we can see a comprehensive update that makes the car's cabin match the premium look of the exterior. Sporty and modern-looking red-black colour scheme used on the exterior makes its way to the interior as well. The cabin has been covered in black with some frugal use of red highlights on the window and the seat cover as well as the mats.

The dashboard has been totally redesigned. The seating layout has also been changed with the elimination of the third row. It now comes with only 4 seats with two captain seats for the second row. This has created an extremely comfortable seating space for the rear passengers. In addition to these major updates, the interior also receives a couple of new features like a sunroof, power window, upgraded audio system and custom door pads. It remains unknown if this modified Mahindra Bolero receives any updates for the powertrain system.


Modified Mahindra Bolero 6-Wheel-Drive Gets Luxury Passenger Lounge

modified mahindra bolero rear row

This modified is a four-seater with two captain seats for the second row

Recently, the Bolero was given the BSVI update to meet the stringent emission norms. Even though the Mahindra Bolero is not as a popular as it was before, the car remains to be a hard-to-replace staple of Indian UV market.

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