This Modified Maruti Alto 800cc looks Menacing!

by Kshitij Rawat | 25/11/2019
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Love cheap thrills? This Modified Maruti Alto 800cc is sure to interest you with its menacing and sporty look.

Maruti Alto is one of the most affordable cars in India right now. Quite understandably, the Alto isn’t a very exciting car; it’s a bare bones commuter car. As such, the car isn't very exciting looking. That, however, can be solved with a little imagination and a few bucks. One such example is the modified Maruti Alto 800cc you see below.

Modified Maruti Alto 800cc side look

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Posted on the Facebook page ‘KL 05 Vandibhranthanmar’, this modified Maruti Alto 800cc looks extremely eye-catchy. If you look though, you’ll notice that the changes made to the car are quite minimal. In fact, you can count the changes on your fingers. Let’s go through these changes and modifications individually, starting from the front. The front bumper has been redesigned. It features a large fake air-dam, LED fog-lamps in a boomerang-shaped housing. There is also a front splitter under the bumper, which lends the car a meaner and sportier stance.

Modified Maruti Alto 800cc front look

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On the side, there is side-skirt, which adds a little muscle to the frail Alto’s body. Then there are the wheels. Even though the wheels look very pretty by themselves, they do not go well with the rest of the car. Even the sidewall is slanting inwards, which looks odd. The “Wheels protruding out of the wheel-arches” look is quite common among tuners and custom car owners, both in India and globally, but personally, we’d rather have larger wheels that stay within the body width. Thankfully, the car doesn’t look under-tyred. The wheels fill out the arches nicely, without the ugly gap spoiling the stance of the car.

Modified Maruti Alto 800cc rear three quarter look

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At the rear, the biggest, most-noticeable change is the blacked out taillight. The rear bumper is also redesigned, with fake air-vents on both ends of the car. After that, there is the fake air-diffuser underneath. Interestingly, the tail-pipe has been hidden, which makes the rear looks very clean. All the badges (the Suzuki logo and trim badge) have been removed from the rear, and a small sticker has been added instead. A large fake exhaust would have looked better though, and it would’ve gone with the overall redesign as well. The lack of a rear hatch-mounted spoiler is also sad. Nonetheless, the car looks quite menacing and has a better stance than the stock car.

Stock Maruti Alto 800cc

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The changes made under the hood are a mystery. It is quite possible that this modified Maruti Alto 800cc has the stock 0.8-litre inline-3-cylinder motor. The max power and peak torque output is rated at 48 PS and 69 Nm respectively. The Alto is known for its brilliant fuel-economy, which the company claims is close to 24 km per litre. Currently, the Alto 800 retails for a price of Rs. 2.88 - 4.09 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi).

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