Maruti Alto K10 vs Maruti S-Presso: Prices, Specs, Exterior, Interior Comparison

by Kshitij Rawat | 17/09/2019
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Check out our spec sheet Maruti Alto K10 vs Maruti S-Presso comparison to find out how the upcoming small car from Maruti Suzuki fares against the Alto K10

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 is one of the best-selling vehicles in India, from the biggest automobile manufacturer in India. With recent dwindling sales though, Maruti has decided to add another offering which is similar to the Alto K10, but quite different as well. We are, of course, talking about the upcoming Maruti S-Presso. It has created quite a buzz in the market, with spy pictures of the S-Presso being clicked during road testing.

Let’s compare the two vehicles, Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 and S-Presso, on paper to see how the two stack up against each other:

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Maruti Alto K10 vs Maruti S-Presso Exterior Comparison

Design Comparison

Maruti Alto K10 Exterior Design

In terms of design, these two are once again similar yet different vehicles. The Alto is a tiny hatchback with quirky yet conservative design. It takes the bread-box design very seriously, at sticks to it like a piece of tape. The S-Presso hasn’t been officially unveiled yet, but from the spy pics and speculative rendering, it seems like a tiny crossover hatchback with a conservative design. It too has a bread-box design, even more than the Alto. The bonnet is short and stubby, and the overall dimensions are like a tall-boy hatchback car. As such, the S-Presso should feel like a slightly shorter Wagon R.

Maruti S-Presso Exterior Design (Speculative Rendering)

Dimensions Comparison

As said earlier, both these cars are extremely tiny in size. Even so, among the two of them, the S-Presso emerges as the longer, wider, and taller car, thanks to its crossover style design theme. It also has a slightly higher ground clearance owing due to the same reason. Still there isn’t a very significant difference between the two, and they are both extremely small and lightweight cars. In fact, the S-Presso is being currently classified as a Micro-SUV, owing to its miniscule dimensions, which are much smaller than a sub-compact SUV.


Maruti Alto K10

Maruti S-Presso


3545 mm

3565 mm


1515 mm

1520 mm


1475 mm

1564 mm


2360 mm

2380 mm

Ground Clearance

160 mm

180 mm

Kerb Weight

867 Kg

Not Available

The weight of the S-Presso is not yet known, but we can safely assume it won’t be a great deal heavier than the Alto. The S-Presso will have a lot of emphasis on fuel economy, which means the company will want to make the car as light as possible. Also, it will be underpinned by Suzuki's Heartect platform, which is very strong yet extremely light. From all of the above, the upcoming small car comes across as being the winner of this part of our Maruti Alto K10 vs Maruti S-Presso comparison. 

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Maruti Alto K10 vs Maruti S-Presso Interior Comparison

Interior Design

Alto K10's dual-tone Interiors look nice

The interiors of the Alto K10 are, well, bland. For the price at which this car retails, you’d be punished for thinking it offers anything other than that. There are hard plastics everywhere, and the steering wheel does not have a leather-wrapped option, which is disappointing. The design though, is quite capturing. The driver’s console is neat and easily readable, and the centre console design utilises curves and circles in a brilliant fashion. The cabin uses dual tone colours, to help thaw out the cheapness at least in terms of looks. The seats are cream coloured, and the overall bright feel of the cabin makes it feel roomier than it is.

Interior spy shots of the S-Presso (Image Source: Rushlane)

The S-Presso has a different approach to the matter. The interior spy shots have just been posted online, and it seems like Maruti has gone with a dark theme in there. The interiors are all-black, which might feel a little claustrophobic, but as the windows in the S-Presso are bigger and the cabin is slightly roomier than the Alto, it might balance out. Also, the S-Presso seems to make do with a centrally mounted instrument console, which isn’t very sporty, but somewhat utilitarian. Personally, I’d prefer the speedo and tacho to be in front of me when I’m driving.

Interior Dimensions

Both these cars only offer seats for four. Any more would be extremely uncomfortable for the rear seat passengers. The leg and knee room are extremely lacking in the rear seats of the Alto, so much so that even medium-sized passenger will be complaining about it. The headroom is barely adequate, and if you’re on the taller side, you’ll be hitting your head on the ceiling every time the car goes over a small pebble.


Maruti Alto K10

Maruti S-Presso

Seating Capacity



Boot Space

177 Litres

Not available

The S-Presso will have better space for all four passengers in its cabin, due to its raised seating. This will liberate some leg and knee room, while the higher room will also give you some better headroom. The boot space will also be better on the S-Presso, while it barely usable in the Alto. Overall, the S-Presso is a much more accommodating vehicle. Even over here, it's the S-Presso which becomes the winner of this part of our Maruti Alto K10 vs Maruti S-Presso comparison. 

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Maruti Alto K10 vs Maruti S-Presso Specs Comparison

The Alto's light and compact body is easy to handle in traffic

The K10B engine offers 67 Bhp of power and 90 Nm of Torque, and will be shared on both these cars. As the Alto is lighter and smaller, it will be faster and more fun to drive. Those are, however, relative terms. The Alto K10 is not a very fast or fun car individually, with mediocre cornering abilities and slow but steady acceleration. The engine is BSVI compliant, because of the stricter norms coming into effect in the second quarter of the next year. The transmission options are also the same on both the cars, which isn’t surprising, considering how many mechanical components are shared between the two. Maruti will also provide factory fitted CNG kit on the Alto K10 soon, and we expect the same for S-Presso as well.


Maruti Alto K10

Maruti S-Presso





67 Bhp

67 Bhp


90 Nm

90 Nm


5-Speed Manual (AMT optional)

5-Speed Manual (AMT optional)

The S-Presso's taller stance will give a better view of the road

The higher centre of gravity on the taller S-Presso will certainly make it roll in corners a lot, but then again, nobody buys a cheap passenger car for thrills. People buy it for ferrying their family around, and that part is well taken care of here, much better than on the Alto K10. Also, with the higher seat hight of the S-Presso and the small hood in the front, you'd get a much better view of the road ahead. In this section of our Maruti Alto K10 vs Maruti S-Presso, both the cars are pretty much equally matched. 

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Maruti Alto K10 vs Maruti S-Presso Pricing Comparison

The Alto has always been a cheap car to buy, run, and maintain. It continues to be that, but in a more modern package now. Still, the equipment list is minimalistic, and what you get for that money is just a bare-bones commuter vehicle. You don't get an infotainment system, just a CD-player/Radio, and there are no controls on the steering wheel. It is the lack of such technology that helps Maruti keep the prices low. It is priced between ₹ 3.65 lakh and ₹ 4.44 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

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The Maruti S-Presso is expected to launch by the end of September this year, which means there are only a few days left for the launch. The prices have not been officially revealed, but the speculation train believes the prices to be between ₹ 3.25-₹ 4.7 lakh (ex-showroom), which nearly matches that of the Alto! Expect the Maruti S-Presso to make its way into Maruti Suzuki ARENA dealerships very soon. 

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