How to buy the perfect second-hand Maruti Alto

by IndianAuto Team | 21/02/2019
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The entry-level car from Maruti Suzuki, the Maruti Alto, has been very popular in the domestic market. For those who have a small budget but still have a desire to own an Alto, purchasing a used option is not a bad choice. Let’s check out the tips for buying a perfect second-hand Maruti Alto from

For anyone who is in the market for an Alto but is prevented by a small budget, a used Maruti Alto is definitely a good option There are many reasons to buy an Alto, which is not just because of its popularity, but other benefits, including passenger comfort, fuel-efficiency, and low maintenance. As a result, with over 35 lakh unit rolled out in 2018, the Maruti Suzuki Alto emerges as one of the most easily available car models in the second-hand car market. Let’s take a look at the detail reasons why making an Alto purchase is worthy and also, how to buy a perfect second-hand Maruti Alto.

Why should buy I a used Maruti Alto?

Being launched 2004, Maruti Suzuki Alto has been among the top best-selling cars in India and have been continuously maintaining the feat for over a decade. Here are the reasons for buying a used Alto is worth.

Maruti Suzuki Alto side look

Maruti Suzuki Alto was launched in 2004


Purchasing a used Alto, you are likely to get Maruti Alto 800 or Maruti K10 with one of these following motor units includes

  • 0.8-litre 3-cylinder motor - 800cc (Alto 800)

  • 1.1-litre 4-cylinder mill (Alto K10)

  • 1.0-litre 3-cylinder motor (Alto K10)

The existing Alto out there, especially, the used ones are largely the Alto 800 with the 800cc mill. Probably, the 800cc engine seems to be a tad of small one on paper. However, if we take into consideration that the car’s weight is around 800kg operated by the 800cc engine, then a used Alto is quite a sensible purchase. 

Concerning its performance, the Alto has never been failed to prove its handling not only in the city roads but also in the short highway runs. 

Rather than that, thanks to the small dimensions, the Alto ensures that you can get an ease to drive the car through traffic as well as park it in the tightest of spots. 

Maruti Suzuki Alto 3 images of dimension

The Alto offers a quite small dimension


Regarding the interior, the dashboard looks basic in general with minimal features. Even being shaped in a small dimension, the Alto still provides the passengers with a fair amount of space in the cabin. At the rear seats, it can easily seat three passengers without struggling with shoulder or leg room. Additionally, as for the feature package, the base LX trims of the Alto are available with an optional AC and the higher specs, LXi and the VXi (1.1-litre) are well-equipped with AC and power steering.   

Maruti Suzuki Alto dashboard

The dashboard looks rather basic


Having been in the production line-up of the car brand reputed for the frugal as well as the maintenance-free engines, the Alto of Maruti Suzuki has been far flung in the race in terms of fuel efficiency. Particularly, the Alto can return around 14-15 kilometres to a litre of fuel which is an impressive figure for a small family hatchback.  

Maruti Suzuki Alto from right to left

The Alto can produce around 14-15 kilometres per a litre of fuel 

All in all, with the decent performance, tiny dimensions along with brilliant turning radius, Maruti Suzuki Alto makes its way to be one of the most worth buying cars, especially, the second-hand ones. Getting an Alto for cheap and even fixing it doesn’t cost much either, you can benefit from it a lot, regardless the plan is to upgrade soon afterwards, the price will not drop by much.How to buy a used Maruti Alto?

The first thing you need to note down is that the Alto did not offer a factory fitted music system. As a result, getting it checked beforehand is indeed. 

Which model to buy?

As aforementioned, first launched in 2004, the Alto has been received the mid-cycle from time to time like every car. Hence, it is of great importance to opt for a car that is relatively newer. Among these, the models produced from after 2006-2007 are at an extremely affordable price. If you pay enough time to do some search, you are likely to even find one with few kilometres on the clock. 

Also, it is worth to note that most of the people purchasing this car are first-time buyers. While searching for 800cc is quite easy, the larger power engines units which are 1.0-litre or even 1.1-litre motor of K10 require more time to look for. It could be explained by the fact that both mentioned engines offer absolutely fantastic engine machines. As a result, if you look for a used Alto more judiciously, you might get your hands on one of the relatively few units with the 1.1-litre engine. For anyone longing for cheap thrills, this option is definitely a car worth considering.

Maruti Suzuki Alto from left to right

The models from 2006-2007 might be taken into consideration

How to use money wisely?

The Alto price bracket is available as low as Rs 60,000 to Rs 2.5 lakh for the latest Alto800. Meanwhile, the first generation Alto models are still on offer in the used car market. That said, it is advisable to make a purchase at the max 6-7 years old. The price will also depend on the kilometres on the clock as well as the condition of the car. The 800 VXI (AIRBAG) is worth considering. 

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