New Hyundai Creta Gets Silver Lightning Arc Wrapped In Black, Looks Pleasing

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 10/06/2020
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If you feel that silver-finished accent on the side profile of the new-gen Hyundai Creta is not appealing enough and would've looked better in black, here's a catch. Read to know more.

Hyundai launched the new-gen Creta in March, earlier this year. In comparison to the last-gen model, the new-gen Creta boasts of a polarizing design. Sharp-straight lines have been replaced with curves and haunches. It looks bubbly from certain angles but is indeed a nice and premium design. However, some folks will find it too loud in respect to the last-gen car. The vertically-split headlamps and super-big grille might look out of place to some, but they give it the much-needed road presence. From the sides, the Creta looks proportionate and uses a distinctive silver finish, which Hyundai refers to as ‘Lighting Arc’. It is designed to break the visual bulk, but, to some, it looks out of place.


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Hyundai Creta Gets Silver Lightning Arc Finished In Black, Looks Pleasing

With black finish for the silver accent, Hyundai Creta looks rather upmarket.

To put this lightening arc in the background and give the Creta a cleaner side profile, we came across this cheap-little hack. The silver-finished arc can be wrapped in black vinyl sheets as seen on the Creta in the picture above. The car in the picture belongs to Kamesh Durvasula, who hails from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. His car wears a Deep Forest paint job, which is specific to the Turbo variant. With the black-finish for the lightning arc, the car gets a conservative appeal, which wasn’t the case with the silver-finished lightning arc.

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Also, Hyundai offers the Creta in dual-tone paint schemes where the lighting arc comes painted in the black colour scheme. However, the only paint options that come with dual-tone effect are Polar White and Lava Orange. For other colour options, wrapping the lighting arc with a vinyl wrap can be a decent idea.


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Hyundai Creta Gets Silver Lightning Arc Finished In Black, Looks Pleasing

Hyundai Creta with factory-spec Lava Orange dual-tone paint job.

While the Creta looks bold on the outside, it is loaded to the brim on the inside. The features list is longer than ever. To start with, it gets a panoramic sunroof, a 10.25-inch infotainment display, Bose sound system, steering-mounted paddle shifters, electronically adjustable driver seat, electronically-dimming IRVM, wireless phone charging pad, ventilated front seats, rear seat headrest cushions, ambient lighting, 7.0-inch LCD for the instrument cluster, cooled glove box, rear window curtains and more. To ensure the safety of the occupants, it comes equipped with 6 airbags, VSM, hill-start assist, traction control, rear disc brakes, and emergency brake signal.

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