RTO Kalyan Office: Address, Contact, Timing, Procedures

by Vivaan Khatri | 01/03/2021
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In the city of Kalyan, there is one RTO that is responsible for most vehicle-related issues. If you are wanting to visit the RTO office in Kalyan, here are all the information you will need.

If you are currently living in the city of Kalyan, Maharashtra, you probably need to visit the Kalyan RTO office on some occasions to do vehicle-related paperwork. Here is the full information, including the address, contact, timing of the RTO office in Kalyan


MH 05

Tel No

0251 2230505

Email Id


Fax No

0251 2230888


Sahyadari Nagar, Chikanghar, Near Birla school, Kalyan West, Thane



Office Timing

10.00 AM to 5.00 PM

rto office kalyan-kalyan-city

Currently, there is only one RTO office in Kalyan

Recently, RTO Kalyan only has one office as detailed in the above table. In the following, we are going to give you other details regarding the operation of the RTO office in Kalyan.

1. What are the functions of RTO Kalyan offices?

Regional Transport Offices (RTO) are responsible for executing tasks that are covered in the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. Each state, city or union territory will have its own RTO offices to take care of activities related to the MVA. To be specific, RTO offices will be responsible for the following functions:

  • Implement and supervise the road safety measures

  • Examine the vehicles at the check posts 

  • Collect fees and the taxes related to vehicles

  • Organize the driving test for learners

  • Issue permits for tourist vehicles

  • Renew the vehicle registration

  • Issue a driver license and international driving license 

  • Issue a certificate of fitness, permits and the temporary registration certificate

  • Issue No Objection Certificate (NOC) for transfer

If you have to process any activity related to any of the functions mentioned above, the RTO office is the place you need to visit and work with.


How To Check For Driving License Status

Here are the main functions of the RTO office in Kalyan that you are likely to get involved in:

  • Issues of driving license: RTOs are responsible for the issue of driving license for different types of vehicles including under 50cc-engine motorcycles, two wheels (gear and no-gear), light motor vehicles, medium/heavy-duty commercial vehicles. To attain any of these driving licenses, except for the first one, you will have to be above 18 years old.

  • Vehicle registration: Vehicle registration is also a common process that is managed by RTOs. There are two types of vehicle registration:

Temporary registration: Temporary registration is available when you just buy a new car. This type of vehicle registration will be valid from one week to one month after the date of delivery. However, once the temporary registration is expired, the car owners must have acquired a permanent vehicle registration. 

Permanent registration: Vehicles plying on road in the city of Kalyan or as in any other cities in India are required to obtain permanent registration. If you failed to present the vehicle registration, you will have to pay a penalty. And after 15 years, owners will have to renew the vehicle registration. RTO office Kalyan is the place where you can apply for vehicle registration renewal.

2. How check the vehicle registered in RTO Kalyan?

You can check the details of your registered vehicle, including the vehicle owner information, engine number, chassis number, vehicle class, fuel type, make model, fitness details, as well as insurance details, by doing the following steps.

  1. Go to Parivahan website at https://parivahan.gov.in/rcdlstatus/?pur_cd=102

  2. Enter your vehicle’s registration details (state code, RTO code and registration number) and enter Captcha Code to verify

  3. Click Check Status then you will get all the details of your registered vehicle

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