Tata Nexon Snapped While Dune Bashing in Jaipur

by Jatin Chhibber | 23/02/2021
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Here a recent video where a Tata Nexon can be seen Dune bashing, while a Mercedes-Benz ML-Class got stuck.

People around the world have a perception that expensive cars are more capable, especially on off-road terrains. But sometimes, things can turn out to be quite different. Here’s a recent video in which a Tata Nexon can be seen dune bashing in an area where Mercedes-Benz SUV is stuck. 


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This video has been uploaded on a YouTube channel named Lokesh Swami. The YouTube video shows several Mahindra Thar SUVs and Toyota Fortuner roaming around on the dunes of Rajasthan. After some time, they saw an unusual car in the group, which is a Tata Nexon. The Tata SUV can be seen effortlessly taking the dunes and conquers them. Initially, the Nexon owner tries to fool the people by telling them that he has customized the SUV with a 4X4 system. The driver of this Tata Nexon seems to be pretty experienced with dune bashing. He takes his Tata Nexon in reverse to climb the small dune to create some momentum. Without any momentum, there is a great chance of the car to get stuck in the dune. The driver builds some revs and starts moving the SUV at higher rpm. He always tries to keep the SUV in a lower gear to make sure that the engine is at high rpm. It’s quite surprising to see the Tata SUV dune bashing without featuring a 4X4 drivetrain.



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This simply shows the capabilities of Tata Nexon. Moreover, it is also the skills of the driver, who made a difference here. Driving a car on such surfaces require a lot of skills and control over the vehicle. In the video, a Mercedes-Benz ML-Class was also spotted stuck on the sand, and that person was not part of any group. The vlogger and his group helped them to get out. Always remember such areas are extremely dangerous, and without any proper 4X4 rescue vehicle, one can get stuck for long hours. So, always try to visit these places in groups. 

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