10+ Things To Remember When Driving Long Distances In Hot Weather

by IndianAuto Team | 06/07/2018
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Driving in hot weather affects not only the car but also the passengers. Remembering these 11 things bellow from IndianAuto will help reduce the negative impact of weather on the car and ensure the health of people sitting in the car throughout the journey.

1. Bringing enough water for everyone in the car

If you travel on a long journey, you should prepare a few litres of water. Drinks containing caffeine such as coke or black tea are diuretic. Even though they can help the driver stay awake, consuming these drinks types are not encouraged as it makes the body lose water quickly.

water bottles

Water is indispensable in the hot weather

2. Bringing the car to the garage for maintenance

You should bring the car to the garage for maintenance within 6 months before departure. Moreover, the car should be checked by a skilful technician or specialist to ensure that no problems will occur on the road.

garage for maintenance

You should bring the car to the garage for maintenance

3. Checking the battery 

Hot weather, the high temperature will increase the power consumption of the battery. For most batteries, you should check the battery. If your vehicle goes with a wet-type battery, the battery of electrolyte gel or battery that uses an Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries (AGM), you need to carry out a thorough check of battery for early detection of cracking or leakage. 

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Battery check

Executing a thorough check of battery for early detection problems is necessary

4. Cleaning the windshield 

It is necessary to have a clean windshield along with a car sun visor as the stain on the windshield could possibly reduce the driver’s visibility.

Windshield cleaning

The windshield is being cleaned

5. Carrying the emergency kits

To prepare for any possible incidents, you should always have a tool-kit at hand, including cables, tyre puncture kit, a flashlight with a reverse battery, reflective warning triangle device or a vertical warning lamp, some hand tools and a first-aid kit.

tool kit for car

This is a standard car tool-kit

6. Storing a spare battery

Making sure that your phone is fully charged or carrying a spare battery during your journey. Admit it, you can barely live without our your phone. And to be realistic, you need a phone with GPS system to guide you through the way. Another essential tip for surviving a long summer drive is to prepare some cash in your wallet in case some shops or services do not accept credit card.

7. Checking fuel level

You should add fuel to the tank when the fuel is about to be running out. Do not wait until the low fuel light turns on.

 Checking fuel level

You should also check fuel level

8. Checking the cooling system

The cooling water in the radiator needs to be replaced periodically. You need to check the amount of liquid in the plastic container under the hood, which directly connects to the cooling system. The side of the container will have two lines marking the high and low coolant level, the ideal liquid level is between the two lines. Moreover, you should check the radiator cooling water level below the radiator cap. Also, remember that you should only check after shutting down the engine. If you open the radiator cap when the engine is still hot, the pressure in the coolant tank suddenly changes, causing hot water to erupt and you can get burned. Besides, you need to remember to add water if you find that the water level is low.

cooling system

You need to remember to add water if you find that the water level is low

9. Paying attention to the level of engine oil and other liquid

Long distance driving under hot weather affects not only the cooling system but also the engine components. You should check engine oil lever, gear oil, steering system oil so as to make sure that they all are at a proper level.

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 level of engine oil

It is a way to check the level of engine oil

10. Checking the air-conditioner

If the air conditioner has been inactive, it must be brought to the maintenance station. Furthermore, if the air filter in the car is not replaced within 6 months, it needs to be replaced before your departure. Driving a long distance with a broken air conditioner is such an undesirable situation, hence, checking the A/C carefully before taking a long driving is considered as a must for drivers.

11. Checking the tires

Checking tire tread depth before starting your journey in hot weather is one crucial preparing step. The under-inflated tire is easier to handle because the hot temperature will make the tire pressure rise a bit. However, if the tire deflates, it will cause the tyres to lose traction and slip. Therefore, you should equip the necessary tools to change tires and you'll need a tire-changing toolkit. 

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Three levels of car tread depth

There are three levels of car tread depth

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Hope these above instructions will help you save money and stay safe and enjoy your journey to the fullest!  

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