Eight Tips For Keeping Your Car Cool In The Summer

by Mohammed Burman | 18/03/2019
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Even in the hot summer, you can still keep the car cool effectively with these eight easy methods.

Summer comes with the unbearable heat. Even when you have a car to recluse from the direct sunlight, the high temperature is still able to creep into the cabin. Keeping the car cool in the summer becomes a significant concern for many car owners. In the following article, IndianAuto will give you some useful car tips on how to keep the car cool in the summer.

Find a shady place to park your car

In fact, the massive metal constructing a car is definitely heat-absorbing. After leaving the car for some time, the car becomes increasingly hot to the extent that it is terribly unpleasant to enter the car again. 

Finding a shady place to park your car seems to be the most direct and easiest way to prevent the summer heat to make their way into the cabin. You can look for a covered parking place or for trees to park your car. Most ideally, you should park your car in a garage. It is the best way to protect your car from the fierce outdoor sunlight. 

So, do not mind driving a little bit farther to find a good parking space so that you can enter your car in a pleasant manner.

park car under trees

Always find a shady place to hide your car from the summer light

Slightly open the car when parking

One useful tip for parking car in the sultry summer is to leave the car window slightly open – not wide enough for others to break in and steal things from your car. The chink allows necessary ventilation and creates a balance between the temperature inside and outside the car. When entering the car after a while, before turning the AC, you should let the window wide open to circulate the air inside. It is also a good habit for your health.

car window slightly open with dog inside

Keep the car window slightly open even when there is no one inside

Equip your car with a solar-powered fan

This affordable gadget can be most effective with slightly-opened windows in keeping the cabin of your vehicle cool in the sizzling summer days. Being totally environmentally-friendly by running on solar energy, the fan can create continual air circulation and prevent the temperature of the cabin from hiking.  

solar-powered dan

Equip a solar-powered fan in your car to keep it cool in the summer

Using car light-reflecting sunshade

In the case that it is impossible to find a shady place to park your car, you can use sunshade to cover the window of the car as a useful and convenient way to deal with the hot weather during the summertime. It could shield the interior from being in contact with the sunlight and absorbing the heat. Moreover, it can also prevent the UV rays from entering the cabin and keep the car cool while you are not inside. Besides applying the sunshades to the windows, putting them on the front and rear windshield can also keep the car cool in the hot summer.

black rear window sunshade

Sunshade could prevent the direct sunlight from heating your car up

Cover the seats with a blanket

Sunshades are only useful when the car is standing still. When the car is moving, putting the sunshade on is particularly dangerous. It could obstacle the visibility of the car driver and create a great area of blind spots. In this case, you have to find another way to cover the interior from exposing to the sunlight, especially with the leather seat cushion which builds up heat quickly when being in touch with the sunshine. 

Using a blanket to cover the seats will be a great solution to keep them from being heated by the sun. When other passenger gets in the car, they won’t have to endure insufferably hot seats. The other way is to keep a cooling cushion inside the car. Besides keeping the seat cool, it could give you more pleasure along the ride.

cover the car seat with blanket

To cool the seats, always keep a blanket to cover in during the daylight

Cover the dashboard

Usually, the plastic dashboard is directly exposed to the intense sunlight as it sits right next to the front windshield. The intense sunlight could degrade the quality of the plastic and cause the colour to fade. Coating the dashboard with dash cover helps the dash last longer as well as keeping its surface cool despite the hot weather.

dashboard cover

Dashboard cover could keep the dash from the sunlight

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Cover the steering wheel with a towel

Like the dashboard, the steering wheel is made of plastic and can considerably heat up after being left under the sun for a long time. If your car does not have a cover which is specifically designed for covering the steering wheel, you can apply a towel to it to keep it cool. This way, you can hold the driving wheel firmly, ensuring a safe journey. 

white towels

Covering the steering wheel with a towel can keep it cool after the car is parked in the sun for a long time

Do not place things directly exposed to sunlight

It is advisable that you should keep all heat-sensitive things, particularly electronics such as mobile phones, laptops, USB and compact disks away from the direct sunlight's path. The sunlight can cause damage to these things. If any items such as your laptop are too big to be stored in the glove box, you can place them under the front seats. 

laptop inside the cabin

You should not store things in the direct way of sunlight to avoid unrepairable damage

Manoeuvring in the crowded traffic under the intense summer heat is really tiresome, especially in a hot car. Keeping the car cool during the summer will make your time driving in your car more comfortable. These simple tips are very helpful tips in remaining a good temperature inside the car.

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