How To Detect A Car With Accident History | Detailed Guidelines

by Vivaan Khatri | 12/03/2020
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It is important to check accident history of car when inspecting a used car. Here is a simple guideline for you to follow.

Car buyers today are provided with convenient access to the uncountable second-hand car offerings by simply visiting used portals. The offerings are plenty but the customers should be more selective and wiser. One persisting problem with finding a good used car is that, sometimes, the given information regarding the car condition might be misleading. For example, some customers might be scammed for a car which is claimed to be no-accidental but in fact, was restored to look like new. To keep you from buying cars of this type, IndianAuto will give you a detailed guideline on how to check accident history of car in India.

Check Service Record

The no-brainer way to detect if a car has experienced from a car accident is to look at the service record of the vehicle. By looking at the service history record, you can tell how the previous owner of the car has maintained and taken care of. A complete service record is a solid proof of the car owner’s trustworthiness.

check accident history of car car history check report document

Service record is an important document that you must check when inspecting a used car

If the car has been involved in a car crash, all the details of the damages and repairing measure will be kept in the service history. This paper also includes the information about the insurance claims that have been made. With all the provided information by the service record, you can know if the car has met an accident and estimate how severe it is.

Checking service record is the easiest way to check the accident history of a used car, however, in case of losing service record, how can you, as a car buyers, can assess the condition and the history of a used car? The following tips will give you some useful solutions.


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Check Windshield crack

The windshield is a part that can give away some clues about the accident history of a car. Under the influence of a possible collision, the windshield might be cracked. If you spot any trace of crack or chips, it is likely that the car has been undergone some kind of accident. In this case, you can raise this concern to the owner or seller and ask for an adequate explanation. Plus, the expense of replacing the windshield is not cheap at all. For pointing this out can bargain for the lowered price.

check accident history of car windshield cracks

Crack on the windshield might be the evidence of a past collision

Check for panel gaps or door gaps

Another way to check the accident history of a car is to see if there are gaps in body panels or doors. Usually, collision will have an impact on the structure of the car as well as on how the body panel is assembled. Gaps on the panels or loosely closed doors can be a sign of previous accident which demanded replacement or repairs. If the exterior parts are affected, it is likely that some internal parts might be damaged as well. For example, in case of damaged or replaced front fender, you should carefully check if the suspension is working properly.

Furthermore, if you notice that the car panels have thick putty which is often used to cover damaged pieces on the exterior, then the car might have experienced a serious accident before, You can also run a magnet over the suspicious panels to see whether they stick to each other or not. If the answer is yes, then it is a sign of a car accident. 

check accident history of car panel gap

Body gaps can tell you something about the condition of the car


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Scratches and dents on exterior painting

A car accident can easily leave mark on the outer finish, especially on the bumper or the sides of the car. All bumps, scratches and dents can be proof for previous incidents. Besides, these marks can tell you a lot about how the car was treated and maintained by its owner, which will be a good indication of the car condition. 

check accident history of car car scratches and dents

Look for scratches and dents on the exterior finish 

Check if the car is repainted

To cover the accident history of a car, the owner can possibly repaint the exterior of the car so that any scratches and dents will be kept from being seen. One way to detect a repainting job is to look for an uneven filling or any inconsistent shade on the finish. It is recommended to suspect the exterior painting under the daylight which can give away any unusual mark on the exterior layer. Running your hand across the car body is a good way to tell if there is uneven filling.

check accident history of car a man repaint car

Repainting is a way to cover up the past incident 


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Check airbags panels' colours

If a car crashes and the airbags are utilized, the plastic bits that house them will break open or pop and have to be replaced. So if the airbags panels appear to be newer then the interior, it can be understood that the car has suffered from an accident.

check accident history of car airbags in cars

Too new airbags in comparison with the rest of the interior can also signify that the car has experienced an accident before.

Check the chassis

Check the chassis to see if it is even or not. If it is not, then the car might have encountered an accident before.

Check the seatbelt

If the car encounters an accident, the seatbelts will serve as your lifesaver. In preventing you from flying out of your seats, the seatbelts' materials will gradually stretch and tear. So if you realize if a seatbelt is too stretched or loose, think more carefully before purchasing it.

check accident history of car loose seatbelts

Loose seatbelts can tell you that the car has encountered an accident in the past.

Check engine bay

The engine bay is an important area that should be checked carefully before buying a used car. You should check if there are any leakages and if the car part tucked under the hood are kept in good condition.

check accident history of car check engine bay

The engine bay is an important part you should never skip when checking a used car

Ask the owner

After checking the car by yourself, if you can detect any irregularities, you can ask the owner to give you an explanation. The attitude of the owner can tell you a lot about their sincerity and the real condition of the car. If you cannot find their explanation trustworthy, you should not rush to commit to anything or agree on any transaction.

check accident history of car two man talking in front of a car

Asking for an explanation from the car owner is a good way to know the history of the car


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Seek help from experts

The most reliable way to ensure that a car is in good condition is to seek help from a trusted mechanic. This person can give you great advice and do the examination on your behalf if you are not confident in this scope of knowledge. Experienced eyes can easily detect any possible issues and errors.

check accident history of car expert checking car

Asking for help from experts is always the right thing to do

Another suggestion is to visit the car garage or station where the car was serviced. By asking for the service record of this car, you can check accident history of car. If the car has a history of an extensive overhaul, there is a good chance that it experienced a car accident.

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