How to drive with infant in car

by IndianAuto Team | 28/08/2018
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Driving with an infant in the car can be stressful, but you can minimize the agony and anxiety by following these tips:

1. Do tag team

When there is a baby in the car, it is better to have one person driving and another sitting in the back with the baby. Having someone there to care for the infant can help address issues immediately as they arise. A million things that drive adults crazy can happen to an infant in the comfort of the home such as hunger, snotting, spitting, boredom, etc. and having the baby meltdown undoubtedly becomes exponentially more stressful in a car. So to minimize the possibility of such happenings, it is suggested that an adult be present in the back seat to entertain and keep the baby company during the ride. In a long road trip, a rule of thumbs is that the caretaker sitting in the back should catch some rest while the baby is sleeping, so that person is awake and clear-headed enough to take over the wheel in case the driver is tired.

A woman looking over a baby inside a car

There should always be at least one adult sitting in the back seat to take care of the baby

2. Use infant car seat

The rear-facing car seat is designed specifically for infants. Like child seat, it should be installed in the backseat, or optimally, in the middle seat. However, no matter where you choose to install the infant car seat, the most important thing is to choose a car seat that fits your baby and your vehicle. Check the car seat labels carefully before purchasing to make sure that your baby is within the weight guideline. Use the car seat instructions as well as your car manual to install the seat properly. If you are not sure whether how to do it, please seek advice from professionals. These child seats protect the kids only when proper installation are carried out.

Rear-facing infant car seat installation instruction

How to install rear-facing infant car seat properly

3. Prepare beforehand

Travelling with an infant usually entails a big bag or even a suitcase full of necessities and a bulky stroller. With a long list of items to carry, it is suggested that write them down on a piece of paper and prepare accordingly beforehand. Apart from the obvious must-bring items such as diapers, blanket, wipes, milk, water, etc., you should also pack toys to keep the baby happy in the car. If it is a long car ride, you may even prepare some books to read for the baby. Keep your necessities organized and within reach so you do not have to unbuckle and ransacking through your bag or suitcase while a baby is screaming in your ear. In addition to the baby kit, don’t forget to pack one for the adults too. Some of your favourite snacks, earphones, and a tablet can help you relax on the road.

4. Play children songs

One easy yet effective method to distract and entertain baby stuck in the car seat is to prepare fun children songs. Kid prefers songs with simple melodies, but where verses can be added or improvised. You can make up new lyrics to break up the monotony and crack your kid up. During wake time, you play cheerful songs to keep the infant happy and calm them down when they are fussy. It is also recommended that you sing along to entertain the child as well as to strengthen your bond as a family. On the other hand, soft songs are to be used to help put the baby to sleep.

5. Just accept it

At a certain point when you have done everything you could and your baby is still crying, you just have to keep driving. You will both survive, and sometimes it is best if you reach the destination and everyone gets out of the car. Nonetheless, if the stress is too much and nobody can take another second on the road, stop for a moment and rest. That’s totally okay. Travelling with a baby can make the best-laid plan so disrupted, so do your best, stay relaxed, accept changes, and go with the flow. Remind yourself at the end of the day what is the goal of the ride, to get home or to go on a trip to make memories, and stick with it.

A baby sitting in infant car seat crying

When there is nothing you can do to stop your baby from crying, accept it and keep driving.

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