Pros and cons of buying Maruti Suzuki cars

by IndianAuto Team | 26/09/2018
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Maruti Suzuki is India's best-selling car brand in India, but do its cars deserve that reputation? Let’s find out if Maruti Suzuki is a car brand that is worth your consideration.

Although Suzuki, an international car brand, has the controlling stakes in the company, Maruti Suzuki is truly people’s car brand in India. Many of its models are designed and manufactured in India for Indian people.

Maruti Suzuki is ranked as India’s number one, comfortably outdoing all other automakers, and being a near monopolistic trade in the Indian automobile market. So why is it such a huge success? Possibly because it has continuously made an effort to provide Indian customers, not with excitement, but with the incredible reliability and convenience at an affordable price.


1.1. Affordable to maintain and run

To start with, the price tag of most Maruti Suzuki cars is very affordable, ranging somewhere around 10 lakhs. That is not a bad rate if you want a car out of mere necessity or if it is your first car. Moreover, Maruti Suzuki cars have low maintenance cost because of its affordable service together with readily available and cheap spare parts. 6 out of 10 cars on our list of cars with the lowest maintenance cost happen to be Maruti Suzuki and it is no coincident. Together with their amazing mileage of 23 - 24 km/l, you can save a lot of money if you decide to own a Maruti Suzuki.

Some additional tips: If you want to resell your Maruti Suzuki after driving for some time, it can easily bring you some bucks as Maruti Suzuki is a highly sought-after car, and it has the highest resale price and the least depreciation.

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 running on the street

Maruti Suzuki car does not cost a lot to own, maintain, and run

1.2. Service network

Maruti Suzuki has a great widespread service network in India and we daresay that no other car manufacturers in India can compete with Maruti Suzuki in this department. It owns a network of 950 dealerships, 3,060 authorized Maruti and franchised service stations and dealer workshops and 30 highway express service stations. This brings you many advantages such as easy access to repair and maintenance as well as low mechanic bills. As a bonus, Maruti Suzuki even offers driving lessons in which students are trained using simulators, along with theory sessions, before actual driving lessons are given.

Maruti suzuki showroom

There are numerous Maruti Suzuki shops and stations around the country

1.3. Components

Despite its low price, Suzuki Maruti actually has a good reliability of all critical components such as engine and gearbox. A lot of customers praise Maruti for having some ‘real gems’ when it comes to petrol engines that outperform those of the same price range and class from other automakers.


2.2. Design

To a lot of car owners, a car should feel like an object of desire and not just a metal box on 4 wheels that takes you from point A to point B. From this perspective, Maruti cars are not taken very highly. Ciaz is somewhat decent with its sleek and lifted design with SUV-like ground clearance, rounded corners, and chrome garnish, but overall, Suzuki Maruti design doesn’t look as beautiful as that of competitors.

2.3. Build quality

The build quality is seen as delicate by some customers as a collision can result in a lot of damages. For instance, when a Honda City was hit by a Swift Dzire from behind, the Dzire suffered more damage than the City. This can pose some serious risk in case of an accident as the passengers inside a Maruti Suzuki may be afflicted with injuries easily.

2.4. Safety features

Generally speaking, Maruti Suzuki cars are rated badly safety wise because of their tendency to skimp on safety-related devices. As mentioned above, the build is not very sturdy. What’s more, Maruti Suzuki cars are often sold without ABS and Airbags. Of course, you can purchase those for your car but their prices are not included in the car’s price tag. Hard compound tyres are used in Maruti Suzuki cars except for Ciaz model range. The tyres are also rather narrow, which badly hampers handling and braking, negatively impacting the ability to react and control the car in emergency situations.

Maruti Suzuki Alto dashboard

Maruti Suzuki cars are often sold without AirBags

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