How To Purchase A Used Renault Kwid (2016 - Present)? Things To Look Out For

by Mohammed Burman | 05/02/2019
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Since 2015 when the first Renault Kwid model was brought to India, it has been a favourite hatchback in not only the Indian new car market but also the used one. This article is going to provide you with some tips on how to wisely buy a used Renault Kwid.

With the flexibility which allows the drivers to easily handle and park the vehicle in a small space and a quite low price, hatchback ranks among the most favourite car type in the Indian auto market. Talking about hatchbacks in India, we cannot forget to mention the Renault Kwid, which has been one of the most popular hatchbacks with the Indian auto buyers.

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Some general information about the Renault Kwid                  

Thanks to the robust SUVish design, the cutting-edge infotainment unit, the optional AMT gearbox, reliable engines and high practicality, the Renault Kwid has ranked the top-selling in the teeming Indian hatchback segment. It is powered by two petrol motor options: a 0.8L unit which can produce 54 hp of maximum power and 72 Nm of peak torque and a 1.0L one which is good for 68 hp against 91 Nm. The transmission duties on both of the two motors are undertaken by a 5-speed MT gearbox with the optional AMT unit being offered only to the latter. In its life, the Renault Kwid hatchback has only received aesthetic upgrades; therefore, if you want to own one, a used Kwid hatchback would be a wise choice.

2018 Renault Kwid India red left view

A used Renault Kwid is a wise option for anyone desires to have one in their garage

What does a used Renault Kwid offer?

The riding quality of the Kwid hatchback is quite stable and dependable.

  • It has a quite low retail price and maintenance cost.

  • The Renault Kwid hatchback is available with a modern infotainment system and an AMT gearbox, which contributes to its attraction in the market.

  • Two motor options and a wide variety of styling options offered to the customers make it more appealing to the customers.

However, every coin has two sides. Once you have chosen some models to consider, remember that the used Kwid hatchback is not without problems.

used Renault Kwid red shot from the above

A used Renault Kwid offers the customers some benefits such as reliable engines and high flexibility 

Which problems might a used Renault Kwid encounter?                                                                        

  • Unexpected stalling: Many customers have complained about the hasty stalling which sometimes happen to the hatchback, even on the variants with the AMT gearbox, which is extremely dangerous. Renault has not fixed this problem, so test the vehicle to ensure that this does not happen to your car.

  • Malfunctioned infotainment unit: Check to see whether the touchscreen setup is in a good condition since such functions as aux tend to stop working and the normal infotainment unit might malfunction.

  • Steering rack: A recall was announced for the 0.8L units for this issue. If you are considering these models, inspect the steering to see if there are any signs of damage. If this happens, bring the used Renault Kwid hatchbacks to the dealerships where they will be repaired without any charge.

  • Damaged accelerator: Do not forget to check if there are any warning lights on the instrument cluster. Test drive the vehicle, if you feel the accelerator pedal not responsive enough, bring the sensor and the pedal to an authorized service centre for a replacement, free of charge.

  • Defective glovebox and audio system: You should also check the fragile glovebox cover and the audio system which are vulnerable to damage, especially on the lower trims.

Renault Kwid interior

A used Renault Kwid might come with some of the problems such as the faulty infotainment unit, damaged accelerator, etc

What other things you should keep in mind when considering buying a used Renault Kwid?

  • Check the scratches and damage under the car bonnet. Offer it a repair service if it suffers from these problems.

  • Check whether the previous owner of the Renault Kwid can provide sufficient documentation.

  • Test drive the vehicle to see if its emission level conforms to the BS-VI standards which will take effect in 2020.

used 2017 Renault Kwid white

Before buying a Renault Kwid, you should check to see whether it suffers from damage, there is enough documentation, etc

  • Last but not least, if you are not satisfied with the normal design, you can choose one of the limited-edition models instead; for example, the Kwid 02 Anniversary edition, which has a much more modern and sporty paint scheme and design upgrades. Moreover, the limited model called the “Live Edition”, which also comes with only design upgrades, is another good option for you.

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Kwid 02 Anniversary Rdition two cars

The Kwid 02 Anniversary Edition is a good choice for you if you desire for something more than the regular design

How much will a used Renault Kwid normally cost?

You should remember that searching online and set the Price section from low to high will never help you choose a desirable used Renault Kwid but the only thing you will find is poorly maintained entry-level models with the smaller motor. We highly recommend the top-spec Kwid with the 1.0L motor and a touchscreen infotainment unit. However, for these variants, you should be prepared to pay between Rs 3 – 3.5 lakh (a new model costs you almost Rs 5 lakh). Try to look for the used Renault Kwid models which are less than two years old, mostly driven in the city and has a low odometer figure.

Above are some tips on how to purchase a high-quality used Renault Kwid with a good deal. We hope that these tips will help you to find the most desirable used Renault Kwid for yourself.

Refer to the table below for some basic mechanical information about the Renault Kwid.

 Years produced  2016 - present 
 Engine  0.8L/1.0L  petrol
 Power/Torque  54 hp against 72 Nm/68 hp against 91 Nm
 Mileage  15.3/21.5kpl (city/highway)
 0-100 kph acceleration speed  16.1 seconds
 Maximum speed  147 kph
 Price when new  Rs 5 lakh

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