Top 5 dangerous car accessories that every Indian should avoid

by Vivaan Khatri | 08/08/2018
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Besides their outstanding advantages, some car accessories might cause dangers that every car owner should take into consideration before buying them.

In India, people often buy tons of car accessories every year. However, a few of them cares about whether all of those car accessories are safe or not. If you are one of them, you should then keep this question in mind.  Unfortunately, some car accessories that are available in the market might be potential dangers. We are going to list out top 10 dangerous car accessories that are best avoided.

1. Floor mat

When it is time to equip new floor mats for your beloved car, you often choose a floor mat for sales in the car accessories market. It might seem to be harmless at first sight; however, an unfit or low-quality floor mat might then turn out to be extremely hazardous. Particularly, the accelerator, brake pedal or gas pedal might get stuck in the floor mat, which is really a disaster. Therefore, it is worth buying tailor-made car floor mats that suit your car most to avoid unexpected mishaps.

rubber floor mat inside a car

Unfit floor mat might cause unexpected dangers

2. Steering cover

To have a cooler interior look or a better grip, you might think of equipping your steering wheel with a steering cover. However, what would happen if you, unfortunately, buy a substandard steering cover? You might be unable to control your car because the cover can slip on the steering wheel all the time while you are driving on the road. Then, you can imagine how dangerous it is. As the matter of fact, every steering wheel is designed with a great effectiveness. Hence, generally, there is no need for any other additional accessory. Therefore, it is recommended to just cover your steering wheel when this is really necessary.

steering cover

Just cover your steering wheel when it is really necessary


Curtains are a lifesaver for all passengers in your car under the extremely hot weather by protecting them from direct sunlight. Besides, they also guarantee the privacy for your car. However, curtains are really notable obstacles when they might obscure your visibility. Therefore, bear in mind to install your curtains properly and use them in time to ensure the optimal safety for yourself and your own passengers.

car curtain view from outside

Install your curtains properly and use them in time to ensure the optimal safety

4. Roof-mounted video player

Most cars are equipped with a video player or TV screen. Although an overhead video player keeps passengers entertained on the road, it might distract the driver. Hence, it is recommended to limit the use of TV; otherwise, make sure that lively videos and sounds do not take your eyes off the road, which is unlikely. Interestingly, many state-of-the-art cars have players that only play videos when your car stops moving. Aftermarket players might suddenly play video at any time while you are on the road. Therefore, it is worth having a factory-fitted video player instead of an aftermarket one.

Roof-mounted video player in car

Roof-mounted video player will be a big distraction for the driver as well as passengers

5. Headlight bulbs

Although super-bright or colored headlight replacements are often found on some cars, they might also reduce the driver’s visibility. Particularly, they can easily blind oncoming vehicles when they are used improperly in night driving. Furthermore, on foggy days, a colored transparent sheet on the fog lamp can negatively affect its density as well as the concentration of the headlamp beam.

color headlights

Colored headlight bulbs can reduce the driver’s visibility

Many people wish to make their beloved cars become more stylish or unique by putting additional items or doing some re-fittings. However, there are some dangerous car accessories that should be exceptionally taken into consideration as listed above. We believe that your safety is more important than anything else, right?

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