What To Do When Your Car Overheats

by IndianAuto Team | 24/05/2019
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Ignoring your car’s timely maintenance and service will lead to unnecessary damages to the parts of your vehicle. Before everything, a car will get easily affected to overheating if the periodic maintenance is skipped.

Overheating can be identified by keep noticing at the instrument cluster regularly that it shows warning signs in case of any misfortunes happening. Most people think that overheating can be caused only in the summer and what they think is the high ambient temperature. Overheating of your car will not only be faced in summer but it also happens in the winter too. Here are some of the precautions that have to be carried out to avoid such situations.

Monitoring the Warning Lights

Always keep an eye on the warning lights indicating from the cluster

Car driving is not a tough project like understanding rocket science but it is just like you are riding your bicycle or a motorcycle of yours. The thing that you have to do while driving is always keeping an eye on the instrument console. Before that, get to know about the normal temperature of your car’s engine while running. If the temperature indication goes from blue to red, it means the engine’s temperature is rising beyond the optimal level and needs immediate attention. One should also have to notice whether the ‘check engine’ light is glowing up or not. This icon not only glows for engine overheating but for various reasons related engine malfunctions.

Smoke under the Hood

Don't let the car smoke under the hood. It may end with trouble

A small blow of smoke clouds out to the atmosphere from the hood of your car is a symbolic representation that your car is going to burn your pockets and also let you stand alone in the middle of the road. Smoke simply have many causes. A leak in radiator hose for instance or a busted water pump will result in the form of smoke. Whatever the cause is, if smoke arises out of car’s hood it means your car needs immediate attention that has to be fixed as soon as possible.

Malfunctioning of Parts

There is a possible reason that any parts can be malfunctioned

If you maintain your car at regular service intervals, one can prevent the malfunctioning of parts whether it may be of sensors or any parts related to mechanical operations. Thermostats, temperature sensors, radiator hoses are the main components that need to be checked on a scheduled time period and it won’t cost that much to maintain your car at the proper service intervals provided by the manufacturer.

Things to Do if the Engine Overheats

Without knowing what may be the cause for the overheating and simply pulling over from the roads, one should do the following steps as a temporary remedy to escape from the middle of the road to reach at least the nearby workshops.

  1. Make Room

While you are going on the city roads in stop-and-go traffic always try to maintain a space between your vehicle and the others on the road. Understand that applying brakes repeatedly for very often in short intervals will also lead to overheating and it also helps in pulling over in case of any kind of breakdown or emergency.

  1. Pull Over

When you notice there’s the malfunction indication or ‘check engine’ icon glows on the dashboard or when you notice there’s smoke coming out of your car’s bonnet immediately pull over by the sides of the road to avoid any major problems and also unnecessary traffic jams in the middle of the road.

  1. Wait

After pulling over by the road, turn off the engine soon so that the issue will not go crucial and wait for some time until the smoke from hood disappears.

  1. Lift the Hood

After making some time settle the smoke lift the hood for inspection

After turning off your engine and waiting for the smoke to disappear release the hood lock and lift the hood carefully. Nobody knows what had happened under the hood and it is safe to open the hood slowly with precautionary methods. After lifting the hood, keep it open for some time to get atmospheric air so that the engine gets cool earlier.

  1. Check for the Cause:

After the smoke settles, check for the cause

After keeping the bonnet of your car open for several minutes, all the smoke would have been dispersed into the atmosphere. Now you have a clear vision to check for the cause of the smoke. Check the radiator hoses for any damages or else check whether the hose or connected in loose. Also, open the radiator with a cloth covering your hands and check for the coolant oil level.

  1. Add Coolant or Water

If you find there isn't enough coolant add some in the radiator

When your engine heats up and smoke steams out of the hood and after you find there wasn’t enough coolant in the radiator, most people always tend to mix the cold water directly into the radiator or they will pour the coolant directly into the radiator. One should not really mix the cold water or coolant directly into the radiator as it harms the cooling system of the engine. Make sure always mix 50/50 proportion of coolant and water that keeps the engine in good condition.

  1. Call Out for Assistance

Don't waste time and call out for assistance

Even after filling the tank with sufficient amount coolant and the engine still, not responds, then it might be due to some other mechanical or electrical malfunctions. Unless you’re an experienced technician or how to use the tools properly don’t try to work on it and call for a tow truck as soon as possible and that is the best solution to move out of the situation.

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