Renault Triber Vs Maruti Wagon R Comparison - Design, Specifications And Prices

by Mohammed Burman | 31/07/2019
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Before this long-awaited Kwid-based MPV is launched, let’s come to a detailed Renault Triber Vs Maruti Wagon R Comparison on aspects like Design, Specifications And Prices

The Renault Triber will follow the Lodgy to become the second MPV for India from the French auto manufacturer. Unveiled at a global premiere which was organized in New Delhi on June 19, 2019, the Triber has taken the whole car community by storm with its own identity and unique features some of which are segment-first ones, despite being based on the Renault Kwid. The MPV will start to go on sale in the Indian auto market next month.

The Maruti Wagon R, on the other hand, is not an unfamiliar name with the Indian auto customers. Over two generations, the tallboy hatchback recorded great success with more than 2.2 million units sold and appeared in India’s list of the top-selling cars for quite some time now. The third-gen Maruti Wagon R was launched on January 23, 2019 and has been specifically designed for the Indian customers’ requirements and the regulations and conditions in India.

Above is some general information on the upcoming Renault Triber and Maruti Wagon R. You are having a headache considering which car to buy between these two of them. Do not worry! This article is going to help you with a detailed Renault Triber vs Maruti Wagon R comparison as regards their design, specifications and prices. For more car comparisons like this, please pay a visit to IndianAuto.

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Renault Triber Vs Maruti Wagon R Comparison of Design


Since the Renault Triber’s design is a combination between an MPV and an SUV, the vehicle has some features which contribute to its robust appearance. In the meanwhile, the Maruti Wagon R, after entering the third generation, has managed to freshen its exterior design while still maintaining its tallboy nature. Refer to the table below to get an insight into some of the most outstanding exterior features of the two vehicles.

 Renault Triber

Maruti Wagon R 

  • Front: signature V-shape grille, projector headlamps, black honeycomb lower grille, LED DRLs

  • Side profile: bold roof rail, black plastic cladding, 5-spoke steel pressed wheels, coloured ORVMs and door handles

  • Rear: sleek wide tail lamps, wide opening tailgate, stoplights

  • Front: slim grille, dual arrow-shaped headlamps, large and round-off nose

  • Side profile: floating roof, nicely sculpted shoulder lines, neat flared wheel arches, lift-type door handles

  • Rear: elongated taillights, tall tailgate

Since exterior design is a matter of personal preference, we would not give a final choice here. Nevertheless, if we still have to give a decision, we would highly recommend the Renault Triber for its modern and fresh design. However, if you want a hatchback with a tallboy design, you can choose the Maruti Wagon R. It is totally up to you.

2019 renault triber orange front angle

Despite being based on the Renault Kwid, the Triber has its own unique exterior design, which bears almost no resemblance to its elder sibling.

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Renault Triber Vs Maruti Wagon R Interior Comparison

One of the most unique selling points of the Renault Triber is certainly its greatly practical cabin. Meanwhile, the third-gen Maruti Wagon R has also witnessed a considerable improvement in terms of its interior.

Seating layout

The Triber offers the most amber cabin in its segment with a slidable, foldable, tumblable and reclinable second seat row, which enables the passengers sitting here to have roomy legroom of 200 mm. The third row will get an 834 mm roof height and a 50:50 split option, having the ability to house full-size passengers.

2019 renault triber interior seating layout

The Renault Triber offers the most spacious cabin in its segment with up to three different seating configurations.;

In the meantime, thanks to its much more amber cabin, the entry into and exit out of the Maruti Wagon R is simpler than before; moreover, three adults can sit more comfortably on the rear seat row. The seats also come with 60:40 split for more practicality. However, the Indo-Japanese auto manufacturer should have equipped the hatchback with adjustable headrests with neck support, particularly in the rear.

2019 maruti wagon r interior seating layout

Now, thanks to the more spacious cabin, the Maruti Wagon R can offer its occupants a much more comfortable travelling experience.

The Renault Triber comes with three different seat configurations: 7-seat (all the seats being in their place), 6-seat (third seat row removed) and 5-seat (both the second and third seat row removed) with a boot space of 84 litres, 320 litres and 625 litres, respectively.

As regards the third-gen Wagon R, the boot space has been considerably expanded to 341 litres. However, in comparison with that on the Triber in its 6-seat or 5-seat configuration, the Wagon R is still far surpassed by the Triber.

Interior features

In this aspect, the two vehicles resemble each other in which they offer the occupants decent convenience, entertainment and practicality.

The premium-looking dashboard in the Renault Triber offers one of the largest touchscreen infotainment system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto connectivity, which measures up to 8 inches. Other outstanding interior features of the MPV include a 3.5-inch MID which displays necessary information regarding the car operation, a semi-digital instrument cluster, AC vents, start/stop push button and power windows. The practicality of the vehicle is further enhanced, thanks to the one-litre bottle holders, seatback pockets, central cooled glove box and numerous cubby holes.

2019 renault triber interior dashboard

The Renault Triber gets a long list of top-notch features, some of which are segment-leading ones.

Regarding the Maruti Wagon R, it comes with a 7.0-inch ‘Smart Studio’ touchscreen infotainment unit which connects to the Cloud and shows various information about the car. It also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity and is integrated with reverse parking sensors which have a smart graphic display. Moreover, the top-spec trim is also equipped with a colourful instrument cluster with a large round speedometer. The hatchback also offers a wide glovebox, sizable door pockets, small cubby holes which further contribute to the practicality of the vehicle.

2019 maruti wagon rinterior dashboard

While the third-gen Maruti Wagon R interior is a breakthrough compared with its outgoing model, it still loses in competition against the Renault Triber.

Safety features

Both of the cars ensure that they comply with the upcoming safety standards but the safety features list in the Renault Triber seems to be more diverse than the Wagon R. The former is equipped with four airbags, seatbelt alerts for the driver and the co-driver passenger, a speed warning system, rear parking sensors and three-point seatbelt for all the three seat rows, etc. On the other hand, the Wagon R offers some standard features such as a driver’s side airbag (two airbags on the higher-spec variants), ABS with EBD, speed alert, anti-lock brakes and rear parking sensors, etc.

In this aspect, the two cars seem to level with each other. Nevertheless, we would like to give the Renault Triber a thumb up for its super-amber, modern cabin with a wide range of cutting-edge features, some of which are even segment-leading ones.

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Renault Triber Vs Maruti Wagon R Specifications Comparison



 Renault Triber

Maruti Wagon R



 3,990 mm

 3,665 mm

 325 mm


 1,739 mm

 1,620 mm

 119 mm


 1,643 mm

 1,675 mm

 -32 mm


 2,636 mm

 2,435 mm

 228 mm

 Boot space

 84 litres (7-seat configuration)

 320 litres (6-seat configuration)

 625 litres (5-seat configuration)

 341 litres


Thanks to the new Heartech platform of Suzuki, the new Wagon R witnesses an improvement in all of its dimensions in comparison with the outgoing model. However, since the Renault Triber is a full 7-seater MPV and the Wagon R is a 5-seater hatchback, the former exceeds the latter in most dimensions. The only dimension that the Wagon R dwarfs the Triber is the height. Considering the fact that the Wagon R is a tallboy hatchback, it is no surprise.

2019 renault triber dimensions

The Renault Triber's dimensions dwarf almost all of those of the Maruti Wagon R, except for the height.

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Engine and transmission

The 1.0-litre 3-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline burner of the Renault Triber can produce 73 PS against 96 Nm. In the meanwhile, the same engine on the Maruti Wagon R can produce only 68 PS against 90 Nm, which are lower than those of the Renault Triber by 5 PS and 6 Nm. The Maruti Wagon R also receives its power from a larger 1.2-litre 4-cylinder petrol motor with a maximum power/torque output of 83 PS/113 Nm. The transmission duties on both of the two cars are implemented by either a 5-speed MT or an AMT unit.

Engine and transmission


 Engine types

Max Power 

Peak Torque 


 Renault Triber

 1.0-litre petrol

 73 PS

 96 Nm

 5-speed MT/AMT


Maruti Wagon R


 1.0-litre petrol

 68 PS

 90 Nm

 5-speed MT/AMT

 1.2-litre petrol

 83 PS

 113 Nm

 5-speed MT/AMT

Renault Triber Vs Maruti Wagon R Prices Comparison

In terms of price, the Maruti Wagon R is priced at a lower price range than the Renault Triber. However, considering the upmarket features that the latter offers, it really deserves this price.



 Renault Triber (expected)

 INR 5 - 8 lakh

 Renault Kwid

 INR 4.34 - 5.91 lakh

Above is a detailed Renault Triber Vs Maruti Wagon R Comparison. We hope that this article will help you make a better decision when considering between these two. Overall, if you prefer a people mover with a spacious cabin, a wide array of cutting-edge features and do not mind investing some more money, go for the Renault Triber. Nevertheless, if you believe in a tallboy hatchback which has attained a great deal of prestige and respect in the Indian auto market, choose the Maruti Wagon R.

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