Renault Triber Vs Datsun GO+ Comparison of Prices, Specifications, Interior, Dimensions

by Harish Kumar | 01/08/2019
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Just similar to the Datsun GO+, the Renault Triber is a sub-four-metre 5+2 seater MPV in the country and it will go on sale in India from August 2019. Read our detailed Renault Triber Vs Datsun GO+ comparison to see how these cars fare against each other in the competition.

Renault Triber Vs Datsun GO+ Comparison - Introduction

A couple of weeks ago, Renault officially took the cover off its brand new sub-four-metre 7-seater MPV, the Renault Triber to the Indian car fanatics. While the launch of the new Triber is set to happen next month, people have started wondering how the car would perform in the hotly-contested passenger vehicles competition.

renault triber datsun go+ comparison

The closest logical rival to the all-new Renault Triber should be the Datsun GO+, which is quite a revolutionary model itself. The Datsun GO+ is one of the first sub-four-metre cars that can seat up to 7 adults in the market. True, we got the Maruti Omni or the Eeco that also follows the same route, but these cars are largely used for the commercial market. Therefore, the Datsun car has to face no direct rivalry in its segment from day one, yet things do not go well for the Datsun GO+ still.

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The Datsun GO+ and the Renault Triber seems to have a lot of things in common when talking about their packages. Both are seven-seater MPVs within the sub-four-metre length mark. Both are built to attract those who are looking for good family-on-the-go cars with lower budgets. So how could these two offerings stack up against each other in the space? To find it out, says, the differences between these two cars, from dimensions, design, specifications to the price aspects, let’s take a look at our intensive Renault Triber Vs Datsun GO+ comparison.

Renault Triber Vs Datsun GO+ Comparison – Exterior Design

To be honest, when the first news of the Renault Triber first broke around the Internet, we weren’t expecting much about Renault’s new offering. However, at the course of its showcase held in Delhi recently, we must say, seeing the new Triber in the full flesh is rather a huge surprise.

renault triber front three quarters right side

Based on a modified version of the CMF-A platform that also underpins the Renault Kwid, the Triber has strongly impressed us by its aggressive rugged appeal both inside and out. While the quirky-looking unattractive silhouette of the Datsun GO+ comes as a bit let-down to many car enthusiasts, the new Triber is sporting fresh and youthful in its new and more modern avatar. The French automaker seems cleverer at building a good-looking spacious MPV which carries a vast array of SUV styling bits. The Kwid-based MPV gets sophisticated front nose with chrome inserts, front and rear silver skid plates, black body claddings, stylish 15-inch alloy wheels, roof rails, sculpted modular bonnet, wraparound rear windscreen and an upright stance, all the ways to inspire a more SUV-like upmarket feel in the vehicle.

datsun go+ image

Like I’ve just said, the Datsun GO+ itself is quite a revolutionary car in the space. However, the seven-seater MPV from Datsun, albeit looking smart and more engaging over the previous one, can’t still create a greater impression when it comes to comparing with the Renault Triber counterpart. Despite being thoroughly updated on the outside with new dynamic hexagonal mesh grille, sharper headlights and LED daytime running lights, sportier bumpers, etc. as against its predecessor, the car still looks a bit sober to compare with the overall enchanting exterior design of the Triber. Unlike the Triber, the Datsun car misses out on the body claddings while its roof rails also look a tad plainer. However, it is undeniable that the GO+ has got a set of lavish diamond-cut alloy wheels that looks definitely better than those of the Renault offering. All-in-all, it’s the Renault Triber that gets a far better visual appeal in comparison with the MPV from Datsun.

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Renault Triber Vs Datsun GO+ Comparison – Dimensions

Renault Triber Vs Datsun GO+ Dimensions
 Dimensions  Renault Triber  Datsun GO+
 Length  3990 mm  3995 mm
 Width  1739 mm  1636 mm
 Height  1643 mm  1507 mm
 Wheelbase  2636 mm  2450 mm
 Ground Clearance  182 mm  180 mm
 Kerb Weight  947 kg  865 - 882 kg
 Boot Space  

 84 litres (7-seater)

 625 litres (5-seater)

 347 litres
 Fuel Tank  40  35
 Wheels  15-inch  14-inch

Both the Renault Triber and Datsun GO+ are sitting in the same sub-four-metre vehicles segment. When looking at the dimensions of the two vehicles on paper, we can easily see that there’s not much any difference in terms of length between the models. Measuring 3,995 mm long, the GO+ is exactly 5 mm longer than the Triber which gets the length of 3,990 mm. However, in terms of height, width and wheelbase, the Triber triumphs over the Datsun rival by a considerable margin. The younger Renault MPV is 100 mm wider and 136 mm taller than Datsun GO+ while its 2,636mm-wheelbase is 186 mm longer than the Datsun’s 2,450 mm unit. Also, the Triber comes with a higher ground clearance of 182 mm as against 180 mm of the Datsun GO+ and rides on bigger wheels of 15-inch as compared to 14-inch of the Datsun offering.

Renault Triber Vs Datsun GO+ Comparison – Interior

Interior Space

renault triber seating configurations

What makes the Renault Triber even better as a seven-seater MPV compared to the Datsun GO+ is the fact that it has much more interior space. In fact, to seat seven people comfortably within the sub-four-metre footprint is not an easy job, but the Triber manages to do it very well and it’s even well-built and sophisticated. At the wheelbase of up to 2,636 mm, the Triber provides a maximum space on the inside. Renault designers have cleverly used theatre seating or in other words, each row has been placed slightly higher than the previous one. The first-in-class Easyfix seats for the third row also help smartly optimize the cabin space by easily adjusting the seats depending user’s requirements and needs. Furthermore, the Triber offers a decent boot space of 84 litres (for the 7-seater layout) and 625 litres (for the 5-seater configuration) - very impressive figures, in truth.

datsun go+ cabin space

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The Datsun GO+, on the other hand, provides an adequate amount of room inside the cabin. The front seats of the car give a sufficient amount of side and under-thigh support. However, the second and third rows appear to be uncomfortable, especially during the long-distance commutes. The third row of the GO+ is recommended to accommodate children only. The GO+ is available with a mere luggage space of 347 litres when the third row is folded. Both the cars come with a 5+2 seating configuration with three rows of seats, but the Triber impressed us much with more flexible seating arrangements.

Interior Features

 Renault Triber Vs Datsun GO+ Features Comparison
 Features  Renault Triber  Datsun GO+
 Smart Access Card  Yes  No
 Flexible Seating Configurations  Yes  No
 Digital Instrument Cluster  Fully  Semi
 Dual-tone Seats  Yes  No
 Engine Start/Stop  Yes  No
 Each-row Aircon  Yes  No
 Infotainment Touchscreen  8.0-inch  7.0-inch

When talking about the features, the Renault Triber still gets a huge competitive edge over the Datsun GO+, to say the least. The interior of the French MPV is more modern and better-equipped. It receives an innovatively-styled dual-tone dashboard design with the presence of an 8.0-inch MediaNAV Evolution touchscreen infotainment system integrated with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Navigation, Video Playback and Push-to-Talk functions on the screen.

renault triber interior look

The multi-information display for the instrument cluster also looks premium, which can measure up to 3.5-inch and display enough info related to the car operation. Other highlighting interior features of the Renault Triber includes a Smart Access Card for keyless entry, engine Start/Stop push-button, dedicated AC vents for the third row, centre armrests, charging sockets, power windows and various storage spaces among others.

datsun go+ interior dashboard layout

The Datsun GO+ sounds more conventional when it comes to the design of the dash. It features a 7.0-inch touchscreen for the infotainment compatible with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and voice commands. The GO+’s instrument cluster is a semi-digital unit, carrying analogue counters for tachometer and speedometer, together with a small digital screen for readouts like fuel efficiency, odometer, trip meter, and distance-to-empty. The Datsun car sees no AC vents for the third row of seats.

  Renault Triber Vs Datsun GO+ Safety Features
 Features  Renault Triber  Datsun GO+
 Airbags  4  2
 ABS with EBD  Yes  Yes
 Rear Parking Sensors  Yes  Yes
 Rear Parking Camera  Yes  Yes
 3-point Seatbelts in all rows  Yes  No

Renault Triber Vs Datsun GO+ Specs Comparison

Speaking about the Triber's engine specifications, the all-new compact MPV takes advantage of the Kwid’s 1.0-litre BR10 three-cylinder petrol engine but for a higher state of tune. This mill is capable of generating a max power of 72 PS and a peak torque of 96 Nm and comes paired with either a 5-speed manual gearbox or a 5-speed AMT option. Also, the Triber is reported to have a 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol motor coming on board at a later stage.

 Renault Triber Vs Datsun GO+ Engines
 Engines  Renault Triber  Datsun GO+
 Engine Type  1.0-litre BR10 Petrol  1.2-litre HR12 DE Petrol
 No of cylinder  3  3
 Max Power  72 PS @ 6250 rpm  69 PS @ 5000 rpm
 Max Torque  96 Nm @ 3500 rpm  104 Nm @ 4000 rpm
 Transmission  5-speed MT/ 5-speed AMT  5-speed MT

The Datsun GO+ employs a bigger 1.2-litre three-cylinder gasoline burner that can make 69 PS of max power and 104 Nm of peak torque. This engine is coupled with only a 5-speed manual gearbox and misses out on the automatic option.

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Renault Triber Vs Datsun GO+ Comparison – Prices and Verdict

Since the Renault Triber’s launch is a while away, the prices of the new MPV are still under the wraps. However, we could expect the Triber to sit slightly higher than the Datsun GO+ due to the more premium styling design both in and outside, a larger and more feature-rich cabin along with the juicier engine-transmission package. Currently, the Datsun GO+ is on sale with four variants, with the prices ranging from Rs 3.86 Lakh to Rs 5.94 Lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Expect the Triber to be positioned at around Rs 5 – 8 Lakh (estimated, ex-showroom).

Renault Triber Vs Datsun GO+ Prices
 Renault Triber  Datsun GO+
 Rs 5 - 8 Lakh (Estimated, ex-showroom)  Rs 3.86 - 5.94 Lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi)

Here is our detailed comparison between the upcoming Renault Triber and the Datsun GO+. We hope that it would be informative and of help to you for a smarter choice if you are looking to buy one. Quite frankly, the Renault Triber sounds like a more promising one for those who aspire to buy a spacious people mover with head-turning design and sufficient creature-comforts. Though it is likely to command a premium over the Datsun GO+, the compelling packages of the Triber will thoroughly make it a better value for the money proposition indeed. Stay updated with such more detailed experts' reviews and comparisons with IndianAuto.

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